The Tea on Sustainable Living

#20 | Looking back on 2022

December 20, 2022 Brandee and Hannah
The Tea on Sustainable Living
#20 | Looking back on 2022
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And just like that, 421 minutes later, we're at the end of 2022! We're pretty proud of managing to put out 16 episodes this year, and we can't wait to see what next year brings.

Join us as we look at our stats for this year, update you on some of our key episodes, and share our hopes for next year. We also respond to our first-ever voice note (thanks, Allison!).

We're still hoping to hit 1000 downloads, so grab some tea, get comfy, and hit that play button. Who knows, maybe it will be a new year's gift to us!

PS. Please pardon the audio issues from around the 8:00-11:00 minute mark.

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Article | Gifts are a love language. But in the era of climate change, what are we really saying?
Article | Climate Action Venn Diagrams - Ayana Elizabeth Johnson
Article | Preventing and eradicating child labor from Nespresso's supply chain
Book |  The Intersectional Environmentalist: How to Dismantle Systems of Oppression to Protect People + Planet
Podcast | Mama Minimalist - Love languages, defined
Report | Nespresso Global - Certified B Corporation (scroll to the bottom to download report)
Workshop | En-ROADS 

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-Brandee and Hannah

Note: This transcript is mostly unedited.

Brandee   0:05  

It's not easy living on a dying planet. But it is easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to making changes and taking action to try and save it. Where do you start? Is it even worth it? Can you really make a difference? Welcome to The Tea on Sustainable Living podcast, where we attempt to answer these questions by spilling the tea on living sustainably in a world that's going to shit. I'm Brandee.

Hannah  0:26  

And I'm Hannah. And for years, we've been navigating the big messy gray area of caring about our planet. It hasn't always been smooth sailing, but we're not giving up yet. So brew yourself a cup of tea, get comfy. And let's try and navigate that gray area together.

Brandee   0:48  

And this is Brandee. And you're listening to episode number 20 of The Tea on Sustainable Living podcast.

Hannah  0:53  


Brandee   0:55  

never know like how to immediately go from that.

Hannah  0:59  

I just have an awkward oops every week.

Brandee   1:04  

They cannot find like a some kind of like soundbite sound clip. Like put right after that just to like separate before I go. So what are we talking about today? I don't know. Anyway. Like we're in somewhat of a silly mood today. We just recorded our Amazon episode. And this one the last two of the year.

Hannah  1:22  

Yeah. So this is a you're joining us basically for another recap.

Brandee   1:29  

Yeah, like, this is our version of Spotify rat. Which I find hopefully annoying.

Hannah  1:38  

How is your Spotify rat? Why don't you? Oh, interesting.

Brandee   1:43  

I will occasionally too. If there's like a new album out from someone. And I'm on my computer, it's easier to go on that and also just check podcast episodes to make for ours and my clients to make sure that they've gone out properly and our link everything's linked and everything looks right.

Hannah  2:02  

What is going on outside your house for a fight? Oh, it's a plane. That was loud.

Brandee   2:10  

I didn't even like recognizing that. I was like, Oh yeah, there is something very noisy. So yeah, I find it annoying. I like seeing the only thing I like seeing is what percentage. Like true fan percentage of Taylor Swift listeners are out there that I find entertaining top 1% or tapas or whatever. Ours. We can just dive right into that. So yeah, this episode, I thought we would just go through our stats. I feel like our last kind of wrap up that was we called it kind of season one finale, even though we don't list a seasons. But we went back and just talk about how we felt about the podcast and changes and what do we want to do with it moving forward. So we'll share some stats on this one too. But then I thought it'd be fun to just go through the episodes we've released this year.

Hannah  3:02  

Yeah. And just as I begin to remember them.

Brandee   3:05  

Well, luckily, I've typed them out in our outline. So I'm just gonna go through and I just like kind of quickly, like what first comes to mind like this. This topic? Have we have there been changes with that topic? Haven't we made changes? Yeah, that kind of thing. But we'll see what happens. So to start, we can go through our Spotify route because we log in as like a podcaster. Like greater. There's this interactive, like your 2022 Raptors ready. And it says we have created 421 minutes of new content more than 80% of other creators in our category. Let's get which on category on Spotify. Because it's personal journal or society and culture can't remember. So let's explore our rat. Yes, no, not on Instagram because yeah, I mostly find it annoying less or something interesting. Of course now it's not really loading. I didn't have it ready. Oh, here we go.

Hannah  4:02  

Okay, hit me when I ramped branding. It's

Brandee   4:05  

very bright. I think that's what I find most annoying because it's so bright the colors and

Hannah  4:11  

Bradley's fades right now with like very horrified, like, oh,

Brandee   4:15  

that's just so unnecessary. And I know like digital footprints tend to donate like the biggest get back you can make as far as like if you're trying to reduce your impact. They do have an impact but that's just seems unnecessary. Anyway, let's jump in the button says it says jump in all right and 2022 You did your thing the people loved it. That feels like a message that everyone gets I don't think that's unique that takes forever so so unnecessary all these like graphics going across the screen. Here's the the furniture minutes of content more than 80% of other creators in the society and culture category. Okay. On the print like it's bigger and comes out you should be like a disclaimer if you like have Epilepsy or something so I feel like this could induce that. You can't hear us but we're clapping right now. I don't know if you can you guess your number one one episode really grabbed listeners attention. Okay, I know this because I have the stats from our host Lipson. So in order that they are written number three is plastic really that bad. Okay, number 11 Moving house and living with roommates. And number four tis the season. Can you guess? What Hannah? Plastic moving

Hannah  5:34  

out of those three?

Brandee   5:35  

Yeah. The, like I said about independent interactive. Plastic. Yes, got it. Sorry that. I'm like really annoyed at this. This website. It took forever to like get there. Yes, it's plastic. really that bad. 75% more streams than your average episode. I think a lot of these numbers might be skewed if we don't have a ton of listeners. And we'll go through our total downloads. So it might have been like four people instead of one. Whatever. Something like these are small numbers people

Hannah  6:08  

aiming high.

Brandee   6:11  

Or maybe it's more than that. But your podcast loves to travel. Has a globe, it's spinning and those words are spinning around the globe. I really wish it would just get to the point. infuriating I regret this decision.

Hannah  6:24  

I'm loving you know, Carrie, I really love this.

Brandee   6:27  

And me being frustrated. But both

Hannah  6:31  

both things. I'm sure I would very much enjoy this visual.

Brandee   6:36  

Okay, we're gonna hear some noise. Sorry, listener to computers.

Hannah  6:40  

All right, see it? Oh, there it is quiet. I'm like stressful colors though.

Unknown Speaker  6:49  

Like, whoa, unnecessary? No, no, I

Hannah  6:51  

like it.

Brandee   6:52  

You will do okay. It was hard. In nine countries. Your top five were United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Czech Republic and Ireland.

Hannah  7:01  

Can we think of the friends who are in each of those places? You're likely to listen to them.

Brandee   7:08  

All but Czech Republic.

Hannah  7:10  

I think I know the Czech Republic. Someone who I used to go to uni with

Brandee   7:15  

something magical happened between January 16. And January 22. Year 200 of our listeners compared to your average week. I think we had

Hannah  7:22  

200 more than more interesting between between one

Brandee   7:28  

January 16. And January 22. Earlier this year? What are the 10 Sustainable Living listeners like exactly?

Hannah  7:37  

What are they like?

Brandee   7:39  

Also like actually giving me a headache? So we're dating calculating listeners personalities? Oh, this is what I found the most annoying part people sharing on Instagram. I don't care. The specialist like what does that mean?

Hannah  7:51  

Yeah, your listeners

Brandee   7:53  

are selective with the podcasts they listen to but they've got lots of love to go around. Once they decide they like a podcast. They're all in. Okay, great. I like that. That's that's good info to know. But I don't need to share it with everyone. Yeah. You and your fans have something special? Yes, we do.

Hannah  8:12  

We oh very special. No, this is a lot of colors to be fast.

Brandee   8:18  

You're a top 10 podcast for eight fans. Your top five podcasts are seven fans. And you're the number one podcast with three fans. Well, that's nice.

Hannah  8:27  

That sounds like we have slightly more than four listeners. Yeah. Okay. And they said the same seven people, which they could be.

Brandee   8:37  

And then a final farewell message from Spotify. Thank you for sharing your podcast with the world. Maybe not final there's one more slide off.

Hannah  8:46  

You're like cut down

Brandee   8:49  

on this and speaking of sharing made something special for you. Is it Oh, do

Hannah  8:52  

we get a little infographic? I'm not going to share it? No, you're not going to share it

Brandee   8:59  

13 episodes for just 21 minutes nine countries. So I'll take I took a screenshot maybe I'll put that in the show notes of the graphic, but I'm not going

Hannah  9:11  

to have a screenshot of of your face looking really annoying to go. Reaction.

Brandee   9:20  

Anyways, let's just do a quick run through of our staffs. Great. 10 minutes and okay. That took longer than I thought. So our stats we had 731 downloads this year 932 all time. So I'm we are right. We were very close to 1000 which is what

Hannah  9:43  

we wanted and when we were talking before the summer, right? Yeah, like we want to hit 1000

Brandee   9:49  

from the three they gave us. You picked our top episode, but we have three more that, according to our host had been downloaded more. Okay. Any guesses? A lot of our episodes

Hannah  10:08  

maybe one about lying? Nope. No. All right, not even. Not even nothing. Anyway. Am Sam, this is just from this year.

Brandee   10:24  

This actually, I think this is all time top downloaders because I couldn't sort it out through.

Hannah  10:32  

So maybe one of our beginning ones like that welcome to the podcast

Brandee   10:37  

to have our beginning ones. So actually, top downloaded episode is number 14 a season of sustainability. That's T 151 All Time downloads. So that one is like an outlier because then after that, it's number one how we started giving you shit and 66 number two wise premark so irresistible a 62 is plastic really that bad, which is episode number 351 downloads, and then spending money on things we don't need number 16 at 48 downloads. Number Eight Life isn't fair, but your purchases can be 44 downloads, and then that that was tied with number 13 the intersectionality of climate change. Action. So it's pretty common for the first few to like, remain at the top of your all time top all time downloaded episodes because it's at the beginning, you know, you know, right sign if you're listening to to new podcast, and then it's cast, so yeah, exactly. Yeah. So that's quite common. It was interesting that the number 14 Season of sustainability, it was bizarre that it's weird when

Hannah  11:38  

around them because it's not really. It's not like a topic and trick, right. It's just about the podcast like

Brandee   11:47  

so we'll see how this episode does. Maybe just make it interesting to compare anyway. So I thought that was yeah, that was fun. Could use some new ratings and reviews though. So I'll just take this moment that if you are one of our top listeners,

Hannah  12:04  

one of the three top listeners. Yeah, you're in the

Brandee   12:08  

seven 710, whatever. Yeah, take a moment. If you listen on Spotify, you can't leave a review. But you can just quickly like hit the five star button. If it's on Apple, you can leave a rating and a review. And there are a couple others. I think they're linked in our show at the bottom of our show notes. To leave a rating and or review. And yeah, like, yeah,

Hannah  12:25  

please leave us a little Christmas gift. Yeah,

Brandee   12:28  

it means a lot enjoy listening to us. Yeah, to let us know that you're getting value from it. And then it's like when you like when you read reviews from before you buy like a product. It's nice to see that other people are getting value from it before they decide to listen. So that is why we would really appreciate it. What else don't owe any changes in the new year? Yeah, we got to figure out the guests thing. But we just haven't followed through with

Hannah  12:52  

it. Yeah, no, I think we yeah, we need to sort that out. Because I think that would be a good thing. I think our new we've had a slightly new format, which we talked about a bit before that on the sustainability one. Oh, no really new format. But we decided to get rid of the tea time. Tea Time. I don't think it ever really worked. So I think that works better. I also prefer our intro and outro. Now they definitely sound a lot less like this was the first thing we ever recorded with Yeah.

Brandee   13:26  

Yeah, I feel like a bit more clear of like an idea of what we want from it. Right. Which I guess would like to be one of them. Which reminds me we have finally had our first voice message sent in. And it was not Kelly, I thought it would be so Kelly up your game, send us a voice message. And also, if you're not Kelly, you can do that too at the T on sustainable So I'll take a moment to update Hannah on this voice message and just play it for you so you can hear it and then we can chat about it.

Unknown Speaker  13:58  

Hi, Brandy and Hannah. Allison here. I am coming to you in response to your recent episode on buying things. And I wonder how you think about the love languages in regards to like buying stuff. So one of the love languages and it was gift giving. So how would you make someone feel loved in with a more sustainable and minimalist approach? Thanks for all the work you do.

Hannah  14:25  

Wow, that's interesting. And she has such a cute accent

Brandee   14:30  

thank you so much for joining. Yes,

Hannah  14:32  


Brandee   14:33  

very much Allison episode she's referring to as number 16 spending money on things we don't need. Um, I wanted to start with that and then we can go back like episode by episode. Do you have any initial thoughts on I mean,

Hannah  14:45  

it's slightly hard one because my love languages definitely not gift giving or receiving gifts. But it's really interesting question. I mean, in general, obviously, there are lots of times in the year were giving gifts is like a cultural, you know, obviously a cultural tradition, but also something that you want to do at Christmas and birthdays. And then just randomly I mean, I think, wow, I mean, I think I'm not gonna say anything weird, but like, like new, but like gifts that you can be things that you make, as well if you have the time and that can be very meaningful to someone. Or things experiences as well you can give to someone. And I think as well with like the love language of gift giving, you know, it's somewhat from what I understand about it. Oh, actually, no, I was gonna say it's also like little things throughout, like, throughout the week or throughout, you know, and I'm, I'm not sure if I'm confusing right now gonna confuse this with the acts of service. But I feel like, you know, just like, like picking up like a cupcake on your way to like, visit someone or like, or you could make someone a coffee in a thermos and like, bring it to them. Things like that. But I'm not sure maybe that's acts of service more than gifts. What about you? Brandee?

Brandee   16:11  

I think I would see that more as, as a gift an act of service. I was just like, doing the dishes or like doing something. Yeah. I think if you're giving someone anything I would I would put them to give category. Yeah, I don't think there's a problem. If that is your love, like I just didn't get like you gave examples of like, new ways to get better gifts. But I think it comes down to like, Okay, so we're talking about other people's love language is Hmm, so actually look at this. So, alright, you're looking at your friends and family members, their love language is gift giving. So they give you gifts, and then they like to receive gifts. Yeah. So as far as I'm giving you gifts, if you have issues with with that you don't that's not your lol I wouldn't you don't want the things. I mean, I can I kinda goes back to our chat last year, we talked about like, tis the season. I'm not trying to like change the person appreciate that, like they were thinking about you. But if it truly is an issue, having a conversation with them, maybe not right before, like a birthday or Christmas and like I really like like to, I don't know, direct them to consumables or experiences, if it's like you have an issue with the stuff. But I think just recognizing the love language for what it is they're just expressing their love for you. Right appreciation for you. Which is a beautiful thing. Absolutely. So I think focusing on that will help kind of shape the action you take. And then as far as giving them gifts, I think it's fine. The whole point of the gift is like, like we just said to to express your love or appreciation or appreciation for someone. So that's fine. I don't think there's like you should stop giving gifts to people. But yeah, maybe. Yes, change the gifts you're giving or ask the person. This is what types of gifts do you want to receive? Right? Do you like or is there anything you need? Like I don't think it needs to be the super secretive thing. Like you have to have conversations about these things to figure out what your what your answer is, what a better way forward is.

Hannah  18:13  

Right? If you're like a current issue, if you're feeling like you have a problem with something at the moment as far as gifts, and it's true, I feel like we do sometimes, like fall into this like, trap of thinking, especially and maybe more with partners, but also with friends of being like you should just know what the other person wants. And it's more romantic or it's more loving if you can somehow just mythically Yes, guess what? No, you know, and that's not actually necessarily true, like, so like letting go of that thing mean, like you can do something that's just as kind as loving as romantic, like whatever the relationship is, while also communicating with that person. And that doesn't mean that you don't know them or that you don't care about them. Because you haven't

Brandee   19:05  

you didn't see the like last three ads on their Instagram scroll, that they now decided, oh, I want that thing. How would they know if you didn't say oh, look, I want this thing now. If it is a physical thing. Yeah, I think it's just have start with like, shifting your perspective of like, what is the point of gift giving for someone whose love language is that and then you have just having conversation is my key short and sweet answer.

Hannah  19:34  

Thank you for the question, Alison.

Brandee   19:37  

Yes, thank you very much. She we've referenced her in a previous episode with like climate workshops. Yeah, but I'll link it again I did this in Rhodes workshop of like, you like basically like move all of these like it's like a hypothetical situation. You move these like I was the word you move these buttons like these sliders around Um, tip for like different ways to like decrease our temperature increase to keep it under 1.5 degrees Celsius, if we can do like taxes on, on energy or etc. There are all these different ways and you mess around with those with those sliders to try to get it under 1.5. So that was a fun like interactive workshop to see like, we ended up with a little bit of everything. Yeah, so all like if there's one coming up, all linked up. So yeah, and speaking of that episode, spending money on things we don't need, I have deleted the vintage app off of my phone. Now, if I'm not done, just to create a bit more friction, which we just mentioned in our last episode on Amazon, I can access it online if I need to. It's not as easy to use, which is the point. I can still see I get an email when something is ready for me to pick up. And yeah, that's my as a bit. A bit recent have any other bigger changes? Dates, I think I don't know.

Hannah  21:02  

Yeah, I don't know that I have any big updates either.

Brandee   21:06  

We'll just work backwards from there. I think the other the other ones. Sleep and protests are also recent. To have major there have been, although I shared with me more, there have been more like protests, especially around paintings. Yeah.

Hannah  21:18  

The sleep one is actually interesting. I was like reading not just with climate change, but I was seeing like a very guilty pleasure which I normally don't watch, because I don't like diet culture. But I give in sometimes. It's about secret eaters, anyway, that don't much secret elites. It's not it's a good show, but it's not a good show. But they had an experiment on there, where it was about what choices people make when they're sleep deprived. So they basically woke like a one group of people up to eat like several times during the night and then they had activities on the morning. And then they were able, you know, everyone had like the same amount of money to buy food. And people who were sleep deprived when chose much higher foods with much higher fat content and just like higher calorific value in general. And sugar. So yeah, anyway, the impact of of sleep deprivation on just choices in general, I guess.

Brandee   22:29  

Get your your eight hours, seven hours or what however many hours you need. And working back from backwards from there, episode number 15. spilling the tea on espresso and Patagonia.

Hannah  22:44  

Do you have an update? Yeah,

Brandee   22:45  

I went back and forth on whether to do like a follow up episode. But I think in that episode, we're talking about wanting more like info like easily found information on like, the claims that had been made against Nespresso prior to being certified as B Corp claims against child labor and just other not great things. I went back and I was able to find their espresso is transparent disclosures 2022. So in that they do like that's a requirement to become a certified B Corp for like the whole part of the whole process. So in there they disclose have info about like, what the right word is defending or explaining or addressing, disclosing, that's the right word, because that's what it is. Disclosing topics such as biodiversity impact, child labor and supply chain,

Hannah  23:41  

then they declare disclose that they do that or that there's currently investigation

Brandee   23:45  

that their investigations and what they have done or are doing. Okay, address those. Another topic, Nespresso occasionally sources copy from conflict zones. So for example, on that one, it says no suppressors policy, like there's a section implemented management practices. So this one they're supposed to policy is to not start to operate in conflict affected zones. But on occasion, a conflict may arise and a zone that they're operating in, goes on to talk more about that. Another topic was allegations of excessive hours for workers and poor working conditions. And aluminum, environmental impact aluminum and coffee waste and recycling. Okay, that was the last one. So yeah, we'll link that soon if you want to read more about their disclosures of those topics. But I still I haven't I still, I mean, it's Express's website. So the other there. I had to like, I found this article I had to dig on their espresso Nestle dot Darshan to find an article addressing child labor allegations in Guatemala. So they do have quite a quick a long article about that and links and videos and all like that as well. Um, If you want to read more about that, so I just so because that first page on the suppressors website of like, we are now certified B Corp like, look how great we are, there was not even one line about allegations that have been made or just, you know, my acknowledgement, acknowledgement of these major issues that the company has had. And like we have worked to correct that. And now we are sorted by before, like, there just wasn't any kind of even like a gloss over mention of marine. So I just wanted a bit more transparency like I don't want to have to dig to find these things. Yeah, but they are there. I feel so I feel a bit better. I'm not gonna go out and start buying espresso pods, or it's very machine.

Hannah  25:43  

Does it restore some of your faith and be caught? Because I know that was a big thing? That kind of shook you, right?

Brandee   25:49  

Yeah, I think a little bit. Is, is it enough? Like does that quit? I don't know. I think I'm still I don't think I'd lost faith completely. I think I when we finished that episode, I felt like Okay, so there's a certification. It is still a good place to start and still a bad place to stop. Yeah. I had a conversation with Allison about oh, man, like that's like, that's like my easy button to go to like B Corp website and their directory and find find a company for not just physical products, anything. So I feel that better. But I still I still feel a bit like cautious to just think, oh, there's a certification. All problem solved. There's no impact on this purchase whatsoever. Because there is an impact on every purchase anyway. So I feel a bit better. Yeah. Have you had any changes? thoughts around? Certifications? Espresso or Patagonia? There? They went. No.

Hannah  26:52  

I think it was good to I think I think it was a good conversation that we had.

Brandee   27:00  

Yeah, I think I'm just thinking now because in the in our Amazon episode, I talked about how I might want to try to have a like a should billionaires exist type of episode. So I think we could we could come back and talk. Talk about Patagonia as well because that is an element. I think we'll we'll skip recapping our recap episode.

Hannah  27:20  

It's a popular episode

Brandee   27:24  

10 minute warning. Okay. So long before that was intersectionality of climate change. I honestly don't remember what exactly what

Hannah  27:30  

I know. I'm looking at

Brandee   27:33  

surface level. surface level stuff because it's definitely to talk about I want to read now that I'm blanking on her name has come up with a book the intersectionality of climate change. Ah, I was thinking on the author link in the show notes. I want to read it and then make you read it. And then we can have a chat. Informed chat because book club. Yeah. Oh, that one I think was a lot about individual versus systemic action, focusing energies, talked about NGOs, researching everything for ourselves. How do you choose what to do?

Hannah  28:09  

I'm impressed. We did so many episodes

Brandee   28:11  

to kind of reducing inequality as messy just writing. I'm just reading the bullet points. Yeah, so like, we definitely have more more to say on that topic. We will have more on that in the future. The one before that number 12. spilling the tea on wasting water.

Hannah  28:30  

I enjoyed that episode. I feel like I learned lots of like fun facts. And my little dive in down into

Brandee   28:39  

water usage statistics. Yeah, yeah, that was a fun one. Yeah, I still have not mastered washing dishes on the bucket and a bucket in the sink. Mostly because I haven't bought a bucket. So maybe I should start. I've gotten better at turning the water off when Yeah, when I'm like actually like what hand washing because I'm a dishwasher. And what is the stat like it's, it's better to use a dishwasher if your hand washing more than like eight or 10 dishes or there's there's some tipping point. Obviously depends on depends on your dishwasher and how you hand wash dishes. But anyway, it's like yeah, brushing your teeth, turning it off while you're actually doing the

Hannah  29:19  

moving house. That was also an interesting roommates episode.

Brandee   29:24  

Had you already moved into this apartment when we did that? Yeah, I just moved in. That's right. That's right. Yeah, some I've had a bit of a revolving door of roommates.

Hannah  29:34  

So it's something to ya know, we've had history I've got one roommate who stayed and then we've had two roommates, like a one roommate a sublet and now I've got another roommate and moving and new roommate moving in.

Brandee   29:47  

Next week acted like your how like your system development as far as I don't know, recycling or I don't know what other things come up with you live with people and can't just make all the rules for your own. I think it's

Hannah  30:01  

been okay. I think we've all been pretty into the recycling. Like I guess that's like the base. Easy being although I feel sometimes I'm, I think I've got a bit lazy with it. So I know I like put stuff in the plastic bin and I'm like, I don't think I can recycle this wish cycling.

Brandee   30:19  

I do that. Yeah. So

Hannah  30:23  

basically like, oh, I never throw anything out. But it's because you put half the stuff in the recycling bin and it's never going to meet recycled.

Brandee   30:30  

Yeah. So I think if it's a smaller like really thin plastic, it's better to just trash it because I think it can clog machines. And I actually don't know that much about the recycling systems in Spain. But I know there's a lot of St. Otto like YouTubers and articles about about recycling centers in the US. Yeah, those are some problems. Right? And then the two before that, you unfortunately were not.

Hannah  30:54  

But I enjoyed listening to them. Yeah.

Brandee   30:56  

My two interviews, one interview split into two parts with my best friend Kelly.

Hannah  31:00  

I particularly enjoyed the nice, Honest, honest, this Yeah. How'd

Brandee   31:04  

you say that anesthesia.

Hannah  31:06  

Anesthesia. Thank you

Brandee   31:07  

sustained anesthesia. And then part two was motherhood. Yeah, I

Hannah  31:11  

mean, both of them were very interesting episodes. Actually. Thank you, Kelly for coming on.

Brandee   31:16  

Yeah, like they're I didn't know that how what was the anesthetic? She talked about the type of the desk floor rain or something, how it's, it's like, best for the patient because it has like a short. Like a short, like it's reacts quickly. But then it also like doesn't it's easy to like you wake up quicker from it after you receive or something, something like that. Or like maybe like side effects is better for the patient. But it's very harmful to the environment once it's yeah, it sucked up our room. And then the gases are released, like above the hospital. So that was interesting to learn. And then like she was funny, and episode 10 Part Two about buying stuff secondhand, like for our kids, like they don't care. Like yeah, we're out of it anyway. So I liked that. No one. And because we are within our we are within five minute limits. So let's quickly go through right over these last for life isn't fair where your purchases can be. We kind of talked touched on third party certification, which is what that one was about. Yeah, espresso trade flying to fly or not to fly. Number seven. Number six, no use crying over spilt milk. And number five new beginnings. So I don't know if much has changed for me in those three. No. I mean, yeah, life

Hannah  32:37  

kind of carries on.

Brandee   32:40  

I'm trying a new thing coming up soon, as far as flying and trying to only do one big trip to the US. And all my people are like spread out quite far in us. And I've been doing since like COVID has led up I've been doing like multiple trips here. So I think if I can, but none of them have been like, they're quite exhausting. And yeah, the impact and, and the cost and all that. So I think if this works out well, I think this would be a better way. And just Yeah, big trip. One overseas trip. Yeah, that goes. I still don't cry over broke. I still eat the gummy candy sometimes. Yeah, that's my favorite thing from that. I think I quoted you you in that. Yeah, that's gonna make any new year's resolutions? Oh, no. Because that first episode, the year we talked about. I shouldn't be lining sustainability in terms of environment, but also like setting goals. And yeah. My main takeaway from that is data just make small changes that you don't even realize are changes so that you don't feel like an effort?

Hannah  33:47  

I think it would be good to do in January and episode that, you know, the you mentioned that like Venn diagram thing, some sort of quiz where you can like,

Brandee   33:57  

where it's you take, there are three things you take what you're good at what it needs as far as climate action and what you enjoy. Yeah, I think that could be between those three things.

Hannah  34:07  

Oh, interesting one to do in the new year.

Brandee   34:10  

I think maybe brain dump our thoughts, and then try to like sort through them together on the episode. Yeah. All right. Time to think and reflect. Yeah. Yeah. So I feel good about 2022. And we will stick around. Yeah. 2023. I'd like to go we've got lots of ideas. Lots of exciting episodes coming up and let us know if you want to be a guest help keep us Yeah. Well for getting guests on. Be a

Hannah  34:36  

guest he was send us a voice note. Allison has given us a very good, good sample to follow. Yeah. So that leave a review, please. Yep, he like us.

Unknown Speaker  34:54  


Brandee   34:54  

yeah, I think that's that's 2022 wrapped. All right. See the New Year? Oh T with a new year. Ah,

Hannah  35:04  

you're getting the catchphrase of brand new myself. I'm gonna I'm gonna do it

Brandee   35:10  

and cue the music

Hannah  35:16  

Thank you so much for listening to this episode of The Tea on Sustainable Living podcast. Now go share it with a friend, a co worker, a partner, a family member, or whoever. A pet, your cat, someone on the street.

Brandee   35:31  

Whoever you think could use a little more support on their sustainability journey, share it.

Hannah  35:34  

You can send them over to our website, And while you're there, check out the show notes for more info on today's topic. 

Brandee   35:45  

All right, Give-a-Shitter, tea you later. Get it? Tea you later? As in, see you later? So punny…

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