The Tea on Sustainable Living

#30 | Post-trip reflections and long-term impact and solutions: sustainable travel series

June 06, 2023 Brandee and Hannah
The Tea on Sustainable Living
#30 | Post-trip reflections and long-term impact and solutions: sustainable travel series
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AKA the stuff Hannah’s “not very good at.” 

In today’s episode, we’re rounding out our sustainable travel series with the third and final episode all about what to do after your trip. We try and answer questions like, what should we keep in mind for the future? 

How can we plan our future trips better? How can we bring travel into our everyday lives? 

We also chat about trip-specific clothing, leaving positive reviews for restaurants and other businesses, and a note on souvenirs (because we ran out of time in the last one!).

So grab some tea, get comfy, and hit that play button. 

Note: This episode is less edited than usual.

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-Brandee and Hannah

Note: This transcript is mostly unedited.

Brandee   0:05  
It's not easy living on a dying planet. But it is easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to making changes and taking action to try and save it. Where do you start? Is it even worth it? Can you really make a difference? Welcome to The Tea on Sustainable Living podcast, where we attempt to answer these questions by spilling the tea on living sustainably in a world that's going to shit. I'm Brandee.

Hannah  0:26  
And I'm Hannah. And for years, we've been navigating the big messy gray area of caring about our planet. It hasn't always been smooth sailing, but we're not giving up yet. So brew yourself a cup of tea, get comfy, and let's try and navigate that gray area together. Hello, Give-a-Shitters, this is Hannah.

Brandee   0:47  
And this is Brandee. And you are listening to episode number 30 of The Tea on Sustainable Living podcast.

Hannah  0:52  
Hello. I just got distracted. I'm looking at my mind because like, Oh, it doesn't know me. I just I felt I couldn't see this light for a minute. Anyway, excuse me. Welcome to part three. And our fun the final part of our little mini series on travel

Brandee   1:17  
on Yeah, sustainable travel. What are we talking about? In this one?

Hannah  1:21  
We're talking about thinking, I guess thinking long term, maybe kind of what happens after you got home? Is there anything we should kind of keep thinking about? What should we keep? Either about the trip we've just had or things to keep in mind. Like for the next trip? Even if we haven't, like got there yet? So but I guess the stuff that I'm not very good. And honestly, they like the long term detail or to do maybe or like planning, kind of planning. I don't really know. But like,

Brandee   1:59  
like reflecting. Yeah, reflecting

Hannah  2:01  
I guess it's just like, it's easy to sort of, like, you know, I was thinking when I was like, trying to trying to think about this site a little bit. I was like, you know, it's easy, you know, you go and you have your holiday and it's all great. And then you just kind of come home and kind of forget about it a little bit business as usual. Yeah, it's just like straight back. And, you know, that's kind of like part of that, I guess. It's just like how we're, our society is set up, you know, in terms of like, your holiday days, and you know, you don't normally have that much time to just sit and look back because you're kind of home and you're straight into like, work in your everyday routine. And then also, I think some of it is just like my personality that I'm kind of an in the moment kind of person so so I guess that is like yeah, it's good thing good to talk about today.

Brandee   2:59  
Cool. So a quick recap episode 28 was kind of the planning before you go part of it. Yeah, Episode 29 was like while you're there

Hannah  3:07  
now. And yeah, here we are. And you can find all of those episodes were brand new if you want to click back and listen.

Brandee   3:17  
Well in your current if you're listening on a podcast player like Apple or Spotify or Google podcasts just I don't know go scroll or go to the T on sustainable which now looks a bit different but you can scroll and find all the past episodes there Yeah, and then I might tack on souvenirs we didn't kind of ran out of time in our last episode the wire there.

Hannah  3:42  
Yeah, but I like that. Yeah. What we take home yeah,

Brandee   3:48  
yeah, this one I like some of your like examples or like your brain dump for this episode was um yeah, like how how you can kind of contribute to or like have an impact on some of the kind of longer term issues that come up when traveling like your rounds. You said like for example, carbon offsets buying holiday again throughout the year.

Hannah  4:12  
Now and kind of Yeah, I guess it's just like keeping in mind those things. So I think we already talked about it in the planning episode. And then we also have a carbon offset episode like way back when do we have no we don't we have a flying we have a flying episode number sorry, where we talked about carbon offsetting. So we like you know, you can kind of set that up so you're paying that monthly which is like a good kind of like set and forget, but what's your bearing in mind? You're like holiday stuff, I guess. And then yeah, I guess I was just thinking for me. Again, this is like the not planning personality type. But I do I think that is probably like when I like make some little laces. stainable choices like, in some ways, maybe just before a holiday, or like an event in general, it's where you're like, oh shit, like, I need this outfit, or I'm like, I'm like a bit broke because I'm about to go away. So I'm gonna like cut corners, because I want this, like new bikini, but you know, you know, like, I don't know, like, I haven't really thought about it before. And now I'm just like, gonna buy the cheapest thing because I want this thing. And I mean, of course, you can always like, you know, talk to yourself and you're like, Jeanne, really, you know, it's a one, it's not a need. So you know, so just like not, and that is also maybe a mindset shift, like, you know, I know, maybe not having your specific like, vacation like holiday clothes, like, you don't need a whole new set of outfits to go on holiday, which, you know, isn't really me anyway, but it's true, like, those like specific things that you might suddenly need, like, if you kind of have those in mind all year round, you might make more sustainable choices. Or if you're someone for example, like last year, I went on, like a hiking holiday. So that like investing if you know that something that you like to do, whether it like maybe more of like an active kind of holiday, like hiking or skiing or whatever that might be like, probably you'd like to do that outside of your holiday. So you're already building that up, but like kind of purposefully like, you know, investing in pieces for that hobby throughout the year, rather than being like, Oh, I'm like going away on this like hiking holiday, like I suddenly need to buy, you know, like new shoes and like trekking poles and like, new I don't know, like, x y Zed thing, rather than I guess keeping it in mind all year round. Is that something you do? Or you're more of a planner than me?

Brandee   6:53  
I think I've definitely been guilty in the past of buying, especially for like any kind of warm weather beach type of holiday buying, you know, new new cover ups and bathing suits just for that. Yep. Because I mean, it's like a societal thing. Like it felt like the very felt like a the acceptable thing to do and like right and acceptable, like the thing to do. You're going on a tray. Yeah, go shopping now for that trip. But now I think like that's silly. Like, it gets warm in Madrid. Like just bring clothes I wear when it's really hot here in the bathing suits already wear to the pool. The cover ups already wear to the pool, which is just like either sundress or, you know, tank top and shorts. Yeah, you don't need to be like specific to only that event. It's like, I've kind of switched into a more multipurpose type of mindset. But, I mean, I feel like it's not it's still not like super uncommon to feel like okay, I'm going on this trip. I do need this specific thing, or whether it's travel container for toiletries, or Yeah, I don't know, whatever the thing is. But yeah, I think I've definitely shifted but I was curious when you were talking like do you feel like you've started to shift your mindset of like kind of building up like hiking type stuff throughout the year?

Hannah  8:10  
I'm not necessarily like you're wanting to Yeah, this is more wanting to I mean, I think you know, I'm like we've talked about this before I'm not like super like clothing oriented. So I guess it's like less likely but I definitely don't like I just was away on like a beach trip and I like I mean I did go to vintage so I feel okay, but I was like oh like I really noticed that especially maybe the type of holiday like I mean, so I went away with some like good friends and obviously I know none of them would like a judge or care and they definitely don't but it is like oh we're going on like a girls trip and like everyone's like oh I've like got this you know this new thing and you kind of like want to fit in or so I definitely did have feel like a bit of that in the same like I had this is kind of going a bit off topic it wasn't like a trip but it could have been I went to this like dance festival that was like that was in Madrid but could easily have been so like somewhere else I could I would definitely have traveled for it. And having that same thing like oh, I want like an outfit for like downs you know, like every I don't know,

Brandee   9:21  
even though I guess they don't make it when you dance in Madrid.

Hannah  9:26  
Right exactly like I already have things or like maybe there's like an in between thing that I could get that would be like something that I would wear, like wear regularly if I bought it I don't know. This is kind of like this is feeling a bit more like pre planning for the holiday. But well it's kind

Brandee   9:47  
of I guess it's like your trip. It's like kind of reflecting on your trip and then how can you do it better, right like it's that well because it is part after your trip but also longer term. And some of these things do require longer term so something I thought About his like, saving monthly. Yeah, for things and to tie into, like building up your kind of travel wardrobe throughout the year for whatever your, you know, a hiking trip a beach trip.

Hannah  10:12  
Yeah, that's true. And then even if you're just buying it just before the trip, when you've got like more specific details, because you've been saving up all year, you're less likely to be like, Oh, shit, like, I don't have any money. So Right. And if you ever buy like this cheap thing?

Brandee   10:26  
Yeah, if you're buying something right before Tropea, you've been saving, so you can buy maybe the maybe it's a bit more expensive. I don't know, dress for dancing, but you know, you're gonna wear it when Ryan sing back in Madrid. So you're, it's not just for this one trip, you're gonna stay in your wardrobe long term, or whatever it is, whether it's a suitcase or anything, any item kind of related to this is part planning. But I mean, all of these parts of this, right is are you have to plan for things.

Hannah  10:59  
I guess this is again, well, but I have been thinking about this. Maybe it was you someone or someone suggested to me, I'm going, when I go to my trip to the states, I'm going to a wedding. And I'm in the bridal party and the color of the we can choose our own dress and kind of like the style, but it's like, in general, like a sage like olive green. Like we were talking about this before. And I think maybe it was you who suggested this to me. But I was like looking then about the like renting and yeah, Rent the Runway. Yeah. And I was like, oh, that's like a really good idea. Which again, I don't really know how this exactly fits in. But like, yeah, you could maybe like, rent some of your holiday wardrobe or like one of those like, the Yeah, I

Brandee   11:48  
think for me something like a wedding would make sense. But if it was just like outfits for like a general and a beach holiday, I would feel I don't know that I would like write the clothes and then get some stuff. That works. Yeah, I don't know how that works in your rent certain clothes. Like with the condition you have to return it in? Or? I'm sure there are fees involved for damaging the item. But But yeah, for wedding something that yeah, you're either wear the same black dress. Yeah, I just updated based on overtime. They sent over my current styles and sizes. And I don't know. So yeah, a lot of this is longer term impact. But it's also like longer term planning. Because I think always my thinking, is that, okay, you're planning for a trip, like the part one of the series is that it's already booked. Right, then you don't have the time to save throughout the year and invest in these, I don't know, more expensive items, because it's coming up soon. But the idea of this, I think part of the like reflecting after a trip and yeah, long term, long term impact also long term, like planning to kind of shift your mindset and to make it easier. Yeah. Yeah. And this herself longer term. Yeah. Yeah.

Hannah  13:02  
And then this was the other thing that I was like, thinking about especially is like, kind of that longer term impact in the country that you went to, and like, we were talking about in the first episode about how so much of money goes away? You know, because, like, goes away from the country you're actually in? And like, is this something like, kind of remembering that country after you've been or that destination like is that you know, within like, the things that you're particularly interested in, like, whether that's like, like human rights issues, or like animal welfare, or like, you know, Boris reserves, I don't know, whatever it is that kind of something that's like, also, like meaningful for you. But maybe considering like, when you're deciding where you might want to donate or if you're like investing in something, like kind of looking at those like destinations or those countries as like to see if there's like an option there to like, kind of continue to support that place in some way. Whether that's, you know, that might be long term or you might just be like, okay, like, every year I like decide to like you know,

Brandee   14:13  
I don't know donate whatever,

Hannah  14:14  
donate to this place

Brandee   14:17  
or like this

Hannah  14:19  
to kind of bring that money back into the community.

Brandee   14:25  
Yeah, I think even just like talking about like when part of going back to we mentioned beginning like reflecting on place, and what you got out of it, whether it was you know, you went to all the museums or went to an animal sanctuary, whatever you like learned or had conversations with local people and bringing that back and kind of bringing that to your like circle of friends family and yeah, like, like talking about it. And whether it's yeah, these like you find these organizations and maybe you can't afford to like content, donate a month, a yearly, whatever. But just like talking about that place in the forest, or this forest, or this neighborhood or whatever has really been impacted by just I don't know making Yeah. Or post travel conversations when you're showing pictures to your friends and family. Or maybe you are sharing souvenirs, but okay, I actually bought this in this local artisan market. And the person the woman I bought it from, or the person I bought it and whatever was told me, her life story, and I don't know just trying to incorporate. Yeah, I guess more like storytelling, or like, no, yeah.

Hannah  15:32  
Yeah, I like that. thing that makes sense. And kind of related to that. Maybe you're not exactly but like, this isn't something I really do. But I guess, especially made me feel more like independent, like restaurants or businesses, like leaving positive reviews. Oh, yeah, that's something I like, doing. You know, like, if, depending on like, the kind of person you are, like, if it makes sense for you to like, I don't know, you went on a great like, Eco, like, you know, eco friendly like tour like sharing their Instagram with their business on your stories or like writing a review so that when someone's like, looking for them, that they'll be like, kind of pop up. I think that can have like a really positive impact on like, smaller businesses. Especially. Yeah,

Brandee   16:19  
I agree. Yeah, I need to be better about doing that. My, like everyday life.

Hannah  16:25  
Right. Yeah, it's not only do but

Brandee   16:29  
kind of goes to what we were saying before about like clothing and incorporating your travel wardrobe. Like just have that just use your regular wardrobe. So like, whatever you're like, a lot of like, these good habits for when traveling applied to just your everyday life. Yeah, and the impact you have on like, your surroundings and the people around you. Yeah, and I guess us and you know, where you spend your money in?

Hannah  16:52  
Yeah, I guess I mean, this is just coming to me now. And maybe he's like, kind of like an offshoot, but like in that reflection process. If you don't kind of work out what it was that like, bought you a lot of joy from your holiday. And like other ways like to incorporate, incorporate, incorporate, incorporate. incorporate that into your like everyday life in some way, and like maybe, especially if there might be some, you know, the May depending on what you feel like, there may or may not be like, some move towards like, you know, like maybe reducing the amount of foreign holidays you take or like, reducing, you know, like, kind of maybe having a staycation. Like if you can kind of be a bit more reflective and, and work out if there are those things that you can, like, bring into your everyday life. And of course, some of like, what's great about holidays just not working, which, you know, yeah, it's a bit harder to do. So. Sometimes being in like, a different location really helps, like you really do feel like you're away like I'm not being anti travel at all here, but maybe, you know, you can bring a little bit of that into your life and so it's like less you feel less like oh, I need to like do everything when I'm at this this holiday place because you're like, oh actually, like, I go to the art galleries in like the city I live in because that's something I really enjoy or like a you know, I don't know, whatever that is for you like

Brandee   18:34  
yeah, no, let's think about I came to Spain for a bit in college and then anytime I would travel somewhere even I even looked into like wherever I was living for like Spanish restaurants that had like banjo and stuff is brought by us and all the foods that like I remembered having an adjoining like that summer. Yeah, that's like no way I did do that. Like, okay, where's your Spanish restaurant? Like I want to like I enjoyed that food so much it was so hot that somewhere in that dispatch, oh every day it was just perfect and like finding a Spanish restaurant where I live or whenever I'm traveling just like kind of like reliving that but like not really cool I all the way back to Spain. Obviously I've now since moved here but

Hannah  19:15  
but no I actually remember I followed this woman's could I think we've talked about this before actually but like she call Hey Laura Hey, I'm on Instagram and she she has this thing I remember in one of her newsletters she talked about like kind of transporting yourself to a different place for a day obviously this is easier if you live in like a big city but she really likes France and Paris and I think she lives in New York. So she was like purposely having a day of like, she like went to kind of like a like a bakery for breakfast and she kind of wore her like outfit that made her feel a bit French and like went and had a croissant and then like went to an art gallery or like went to like a part of A town that was like more like maybe European looking like, I can't remember the details, but like, I think I do remember kind of like a planning and like listening to like, French music because she like walked around and like, I think we have talked about it before it because I remember it really like striking me and just like, not that I've necessarily done anything about it. But like being you know, like, oh, is this something that you really miss? Or that you kind of really want to feel a little bit of like how you felt in that place? Like you can maybe capture that or you know, I don't know and go to like, yeah, like, a specific restaurant or like, yeah,

Brandee   20:40  
just not want to work for the day.

Hannah  20:44  
Yeah, because that is me trying

Brandee   20:46  
to do. Yeah, yeah, I think I do. Remember you saying that. I think I was about to reference that unknowingly like so. I think someone told me once about some brands. It was yeah, it was that story. Remember, which one probably the flying one. Done other travel ones. But yeah, I do like that. Yeah. I'm going to France. And so I'll see if I don't know how many French places are in Spain, let alone how many like a vegan read. I was gonna say dread but

Hannah  21:13  
a lot of butter.

Brandee   21:17  
Tart. They're very noisy doors being open to the worry on my floor.

Hannah  21:22  
Yeah, I did one. I was like, Oh, is that in my house? That's more squeaking than usual. So, um, yeah. What else? Yeah.

Brandee   21:34  
It's just like, the general theme of this is incorporating things you enjoy from a trip, but also reducing your impact on a place in your travel? It's the common thread is like bringing that into your everyday life. Yeah, that looks like for you get around modes of transportation. Like, like, it's, we don't really touch on it. And last one getting around, because it's kind of similar just getting to informal places. You know, the lower lower emissions about or if possible, you know, taking trains and metros over, like a car. Maybe running a cars is the better option. Anyway.

Hannah  22:08  
Yeah. So what about the things you bring back the souvenirs? Oh, the actual

Brandee   22:13  
the actual items? Yeah, there's Yeah, I just got me thinking about Sorry, I just hit my computer, or anything. One of the articles I found that I wanted to talk about and last one it and mentioned like traditional clothing. And it also kind of was talking more about like, what not to bring back in terms of like bulky items and things you're not going to wear. But it just got me thinking about just the things you buy in a place in general and you know, magnets mugs, T shirts, whatever the kind of typical things are and you know, they made in China on the camera on the bottom. Is that the best like souvenir I don't know if maybe you have a magnet collection that you're very proud of. And you've built up over the years, you get one every new place you go. Yeah, and I started talking about that, but like, but like, I've definitely been guilty of buying, like, the mug, the t shirt, the magnets, I felt like I felt like I needed to kind of buy all the things to like, show a proof of like, look, I went here. Yeah, in a way, like maybe even a part of like, alleviating that like sadness of leaving a place if you just if you buy these things. It's like, it feels it stings less, because you're bringing a bit of that place back with you. But then if it's like made in China, like are you really

Hannah  23:29  
right, you know that that item is already unless you're in China has already traveled a very long way to like get to you. You know, and again, I guess that's a point where you could if you want to bring back souvenirs which is like kind of very normal as you say. Like searching out you know, the kind of like, is there like a local independent, something specific

Brandee   23:51  
but I think first like kind of like why like saved just got back from our trip this the post part of this episode was like post trip you're back. You've maybe you've brought things home. Why did you want to bring these things home? What what do you feel like you've gotten out of it? And is that what you would like to get out of future souvenirs?

Hannah  24:10  
Yeah, I guess for me, I always thought I've just come back. I bought earrings. And that's something I do quite a lot. I like I mean, I just like earrings in general. And then I often like well buy earrings when I'm away and then it'll kind of it's something that I wear a lot and then it reminds me of like the place that I bought it as well. I guess that can be like a nice, you know, depending on the mood like if someone asks about the meeting like Yeah, well I bought these earrings in

Brandee   24:41  
Oh, I got these in France. Yeah, like

Hannah  24:45  
so shake. You know. I think now I do kind of person you want to be in the moment right

Brandee   24:50  
right. Now I do a mix like I went to a beach challenge last summer and I I did get a magnet that's also a bottle opener so it is useful sometimes. All right. fridge. Then I also got earrings from this local vendor they were, but like, I guess for me, it's it is bringing part of like my everyday life to a place like, am I buying this thing secondhand? am I buying it firsthand? And is this how I want to spend? Like, do I really need to buy this? This first hand item? What need does it feel? Yeah, and I wait for it. But I only get like, I was like, I was like when I do travel, like we went to York, going to all the charity shops and like, okay, maybe it's a secondhand like, Zara shirt, or whatever it is. Like, that doesn't really matter to me. Because I'm buying it from a local charity shop. And whenever I wear it, like my everyday life, like I think about, oh, I got this in New York. And that reminds me of that time. Yeah. So like, for me, it doesn't necessarily have to be like made in that place are always the most. Yeah, I think this is my my thoughts on like buying secondhand things here for where I live, like, I don't really, I want to maybe be made of like cotton or linen. But other than that, I don't really care about the brand. I'm buying it secondhand. So that in that case is more important to me. So if you'd like to go thrifting versus like buying firsthand stuff, or like local artists and places and making sure they are actual, like local artists in places in an area designed for tourists. And then it's like read the fine print made in Taiwan or China or whatever. Yeah, so I kind of do about like a mix. Now. But I definitely don't buy a mug. every place I go or a t shirt. every place I go if I do maybe it's from a charity shop or a thrift store.

Hannah  26:32  
Yeah, I guess it is. I don't know. Yeah, being honest, isn't it because I've definitely been that optimistic souvenir buyer, where you kind of get caught up like, Oh, I'm gonna buy this for so and so or like, I've like definitely found, you know, like, tidying up and I'll find like, I don't know, 10 postcards from like, somewhere I visited like three years ago, were obviously very overly optimistically was like, I'm gonna send all these postcards and then never did and then you're a bit like, oh, so I guess maybe being like real with yourself as well as in it? Like, what do you need? What is, you know, if you're buying postcards, or you know, of course buy postcards, but like, you're gonna get round to like writing them and sending them while you're away? Or are they just gonna kind of like sit in your suitcase? Or do you collect them next trip? Or do you collect them and you love having them? And you look at them? Yeah,

Brandee   27:27  
I think I don't really do the postcards anymore, because I'll just like, because they were there was like a mix of like pictures of the place you're at. I'll just send pictures I've taken that day. Hey, yeah, having

Hannah  27:37  
a great time postcard.

Brandee   27:39  
I mean, in the digital age we live in Yeah. To me that like makes more sense. To think of photos, like photos for me become like a big part, especially when I used to bring my like, kind of big, fancy DSLR camera like, geography while I was there. That was a big part of it. I mean, now I just use my phone because the pictures are fine. And yeah, like reflecting on your trip, like the photos and adding them to like my screensaver rotation and Hmm, that's a good idea. But I was fine. I don't need to take as many pictures when used to bring like my camera it was the whole trip was like, Okay, how can I get the best photos and right, I think that's fine. Sometimes that you can kind of remove yourself from, from the place or in a bit too much. So like my use take pictures of concerts, trying to balance like, getting pictures that like I will enjoy like looking at later and like to remind me of that time. But also like being in the moment. Yeah, I think taking photos, it's a great way to I think I say in the subset of the last one. Like when you take a picture of a place, you're more likely to remember it then if you if you're in the picture, because if you're in the picture it like gives your brain permission to like not remember it as much as like, okay, no, no, I'm in that picture. So like, I don't need to remember that as much as getting that right. I don't know what the exact science behind that is. But that was my takeaway from that. So yeah, I think that's a great if you already have a camera phone, or my knee just cracked very badly. Just take pictures, like maybe you don't even need to buy anything.

Hannah  29:12  
Yeah, that's true. And I guess this is again, I'll talk about like that thing of like, maybe depending on where you are, you feel more pressure. So it's like knowing what good again, like kind of knowing yourself. And of course that changes in the place. But like, yeah, like I maybe like going away from real weekend in Spain. I'm like, less likely to take a bunch of photos and want to get souvenirs because it feels kind of more Yeah, you know, whereas maybe if you were somewhere further afield, you'd feel a bit more like oh, I've got to so kind of like slowing down that like anxious energy and like obviously want to like go for it. But if but actually it's like well does it you know? Like yeah, finding that balance as we talked about in the last episode. Yeah. anything else?

Brandee   30:01  
Were there? We were good. I think just I mean, to tie it all together, kind of touched on carbon offsets and kind of mentioned, like, as far as you know, reflecting on your trip, and what's your How can you lessen your like long term impact on a place, it's, I think it starts with incorporating changes into your everyday life, because then you will bring those habits and changing them to like when you travel. So as far as carbon offsetting, I think we've talked about it before that you can do these offsets, and you can do it at the point of sale, when you booked book a trip, you can like tick that box. But you know, whether you do a month, like whether you do a monthly donation or contribution, which I do, you know, how can you just reduce your overall overall footprint so that you don't? I don't know. Yeah. Like, if travel is important to you, I'm trying to scan if travel is, like important to you, and you're not willing to like give up flying, which we're not saying you are, like, we know, what other areas? Can you I don't know, can you make, like, make changes in like, whether it's diet or where you live or energy consumption, or voting? And you know, because it's not all about the individual, which we've talked about before. Where when possible, because it, you know, traveling doesn't exist in a vacuum, it is a part of your overall life. So

Hannah  31:15  
how can you write and I guess, like in terms of voting, like, maybe this way, making yourself aware of like the tourism in your city, and like voting or like being engaged with the ways like, that your government or your local government, or however it works in your country is like, trying to make it either, like more or less sustainable? And like taking an active interest in that? Perhaps as well. That's good point.

Brandee   31:45  
Yeah, I hope I express that coherently I kind of lost my train of thought, no, no, no, at all. But yeah, don't have to give up traveling. Now, can maybe slow down a bit, and any

Hannah  32:00  
other any things from what we've been talking about this little mini series that you're going to take with you or try and incorporate for your upcoming trips, upcoming, but

Brandee   32:11  
I think just reminding myself that it is okay to slow down. And like, you don't need to do all the things because I do like to make a list more of like a reference list for like, when I'm in a place. Yeah. But reminding myself that it's not like a to do list. It's a reference list. And,

Hannah  32:27  
yeah, I think some No, I think for me, I think I'm going to try and like implement some of these more. The longer term like the planning things like setting up like a monthly carbon offsetting donation, I think and then being more purposeful about saving money specifically for holidays, rather than just like the general savings part, writing and so that I have like that money there. So I'm like, don't feel like I'm wanting to do all these things, and then maybe cutting corners a bit. You know, or missing out depending on my mood at the moment in the moment and how, how ethical I'm feeling whether either just don't do the thing, or I like do it in a way that I don't feel very comfortable with. So I think those things and especially like, there may be some of the set. Yeah, like set and forget, kind of things, you know, taking some time to do some research. And then just

Brandee   33:30  
not forget, sweetly forgetting.

Hannah  33:33  
No, of completely forgetting. No, it's true. No, no.

Brandee   33:37  
i And with that, I think this might be our last episode for a long summer break. Yes. So you'll likely hear from us on the other side of summer. So

Hannah  33:48  
yeah, enjoy. Enjoy your travels. If you're traveling enjoy you. Where are you living? Keep us updated. We might post the odd thing on Instagram or we might not. But let us know what you're listening to. What you're enjoying.

Brandee   34:06  
Yeah, what your main, what your main travel kind of takeaway is from this series? And yeah, how you're planning to travel.

Hannah  34:14  
This is 30 episodes, which is pretty awesome. I saw you. Whoo. Yeah. I mean, well, yeah. So that's pretty awesome. But you know, if you're desperately missing us overall, extended summer vacation. You know, feel free to go back. Listen to some old episode. Yeah. You might have missed you might have missed something. Some gems. Yeah. Yeah,

Brandee   34:43  
yeah. And you can find all of those episodes, the T on sustainable as well, too, you before the end of the summer. In a few months. We'll see what's to be confirmed to be continued.

Hannah  34:59  
All right. All right, bye

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