The Tea on Sustainable Living

#14 | A season of sustainabiliTEA

June 14, 2022 Brandee and Hannah
The Tea on Sustainable Living
#14 | A season of sustainabiliTEA
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That’s a wrap on season 1! Can you believe we’re still here recording podcast episodes? Because we can’t… (Well, one of us more than the other.)

Join us in our season 1 wrap-up episode as we take time to reflect, celebrate, review some stats, and talk about what the future of this podcast (and our Instagram) looks like. Basically, it’s a producer meeting turned podcast episode.

Whether this is your first episode or you've listened to every single one, we just want you to know that we appreciate you.

So grab some tea, get comfy, and hit that play button to hear our thoughts on season 1 and what’s next for The Tea on Sustainable Living Podcast!

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-Brandee and Hannah

Note: This transcript is mostly unedited.

Brandee   0:04  

Hello and welcome to The Tea on Sustainable Living Podcast where your hosts, Hannah, and Brandee, trying to help each other navigate the big messy gray area of giving a shit about the planet and hopefully helping you along the way.

Hannah  0:16  

Each episode we have honest chats about our sustainability fails, sometimes amongst ourselves and sometimes with guests, while also leaving you with a little sprinkle of hope and inspiration to keep on giving a shit.

Brandee   0:28  

So go make yourself a cup of tea get comfy, and let's dive into the episode.

Hannah  0:33  

Hello, Give-a-Shitters. This is Hannah, and this is Brandee, and you're listening to episode number 14 of The Tea on Sustainable Living Podcast.

Brandee   0:42  

Yes episode 14 and

Hannah  0:47  

the end of season

Brandee   0:51  

I'd get up and do a little dance but I don't dance and my headphones are attached.

Hannah  0:59  

Yeah, you would be right inferring that saying that we're having a season one means that we will be back with a season two?

Brandee   1:08  

Yes, we will be back for season two.

Hannah  1:12  

We've been renewed by Oh, what is that? I just I was like wait, what did they what is it called those like platforms that you know? Anyway, whatever.

Brandee   1:22  

I was thinking like, like a network television show us but yeah, exactly. I

Hannah  1:25  

was like, that's exactly what I wanted to say. I just like completely slipped. But Jack was like, we've been renewed by network which network Joe your own network? Yeah. And that bit of quality content is exactly why

Brandee   1:43  

to what did we decided like, like mid late September? Ish.

Hannah  1:47  

Yes. Yeah. We'll probably when we get around to him. Yeah, we get around. Yeah, yeah. Like, yeah, I recommend a September.

Brandee   1:56  

I think when it becomes comfortable to record again without a fan on. Yes, it's starting to get my head. I've just turned mine off to record.

Hannah  2:05  

I haven't put a fan on yet. Because I was just like, if I put the fan on now. That's it. Yeah. That's how

Brandee   2:13  

I am an air conditioner. Which Yes, I gave two summers ago. I made it till halfway through July in Madrid. Before I was like, I, I just I can't sleep. So I'll blast it and like before I go to bed and then turn it off. And then like only a small like handful of number of nights. While I have it on until I wake up from light and turn it off.

Hannah  2:34  

I'm quite excited this year. This summer, I'm going to be away for amazingly from mid July to end of August and then pauses I was like, I feel like this is the first summer in like, probably a good three years. When I'm like properly leaving Madrid for most of the summer. Okay.

Brandee   2:57  

And I will see you like, yeah, halfway through that. Yeah. And much cooler location. Yeah. Doing a little, little holiday in England. And yeah, looking forward to finish planning that at some point. Yes, we should. Anyways, so yes, this episode, the idea was that we would Yeah, just kind of reflect a bit. Celebrate a bit. Talk about kind of, yeah, what we think about season one and what we might maybe want to do for season two, I guess kind of like a producer meeting that we're just turning into a podcast episode.

Hannah  3:35  

Yeah. Progress. Yeah. Progress process process. Business. It's definitely a Friday.

Brandee   3:42  

It is Friday, happy Friday. Before we get into all that, though, I did organize like a tea and project. I

Hannah  3:47  

know, I noticed. I was like, Oh, it was definitely my turn. But that's okay.

Brandee   3:52  

You can do the next step the first half of season two. I think I was I didn't when I did the outline for the last one. So I was just on a roll and just kept going. Anyways, I realized that we hadn't talked about ginger tea, which I know it's not technically a tea you can make tea out of ginger.

Hannah  4:10  

Then verbal

Brandee   4:11  

infusion. Yeah. Herbal tea or infusion, whatever. But for the sake of this episode, it's a tea and I made iced tea.

Hannah  4:19  

Oh, that's nice. I ginger

Brandee   4:22  

tea. Yeah, well, delicious. With agave and lemon. Oh, it's very nice. I recommend it's like a ginger ale without the pound of sugar

Hannah  4:30  

and the bubbles. Okay, like Yeah,

Brandee   4:33  

yeah. So I've got myself some ice ginger tea and the origin of making tea out of ginger. Which out of convenience like I like to buy a router ginger and then freeze it. I'll slice it up and then freeze the slices. So it's super easy to just grab a few and make some tea there. So the origin or one of the origins I don't remember. I think Wikipedia led me to Southeast Asia and There are some really cool things happening in the Philippines. So I want to talk about one of their projects. One of the projects they're called Save Philippines CS. PS for short, they aim to narrow the gap between scientist and the general public old, young, passionate and indifferent by mobilizing see dissin like citizen but SCA citizen. I also like them because they're plenty to citizen led initiatives that are empowering Filipinos towards collective action and behavior change. So okay, yeah, it just seemed like a really cool organization. There are lots of cool things happening in the Philippines, but maybe the pawns grabbed me for the link in the show notes, but save Philippine

Hannah  5:42  

That's cool. Yeah.

Brandee   5:45  

They were pretty cool. You'll find some more puns on their website. And yeah, I was reading they apparently started as a supposed to be like a hair. It was meant to be a short look, social media campaign, when there was some like big, big illegal wildlife case back in 2011. So it was meant to be short lived social media campaign, and then it grew and grew. And then they became officially became a oficially. Like fish, FYI. So I missed that one before that one. snuck by became a nonprofit in 2013, so yeah, check them out. Save Philippines. All right, while you sip on some ginger tea, I store up whatever you want.

Hannah  6:31  

All right. We'll check them out. Sounds great. Cool.

Brandee   6:36  

All right. So Hannah, been doing season one. What are your thoughts? How are you feeling?

Hannah  6:41  

Good. I'm surprised we well, I I'm kind of surprised you made it this far. But also not because I'm working with brand new if it was just me, this would never have happened. Because brand new is the the organizer and carries a lot of the of the podcast. And I can't remember which one ever suggested that idea. I kind of think I was like, oh, we should do a podcast. But I can't unless you happen to be. You're already moving into podcast thing like professionally. But if he had just been me, I would it would just have stayed there. I'd be like, Oh, this is a cool idea. I don't remember if it was me or you or someone in between, but so I think it's pretty awesome.

Brandee   7:30  

Yeah, it's a lot of work that goes into a podcast even even one that's you know, just for fun. And you kind of do things how you want that was one of the things I was thinking about, like overall Yeah, I'm like, happy that we stuck with it. And then we actually did it. Yeah. went from like idea to like, trailer pretty quickly. Yeah, trailer. Yeah, like that. It's been it's been like a fun creative outlet.

Hannah  7:56  

That yeah, I see accountability for and

Brandee   7:58  

I think the accountability piece is something to be worked on a bit more because like the production kind of takes over.

Hannah  8:05  

What do you mean by account like for like,

Brandee   8:09  

making changes? Or advocate or whatever, like our episode topic is, and here's some ideas. No, yeah, I'm gonna do more of this. No, you're gonna do more of that. I feel like, like on my end, yeah. Because I haven't actually done really any updates. And I think that's right and more the accountability how how we're going to update like, I made like a graphic, I think updated at the premark episode, I did send an email got a response. It was pretty cookie cutter response, and I didn't like it. I sent another response to clarify, because she didn't answer a lot of the questions, because I think it was copy and paste. But I never got a response back from that. Yeah. And then because it doesn't really work timing wise to like talk about the updates and then like later episodes, because then that's confusing,

Hannah  8:51  

right? But a lot of the time we plan pretty quick before we do the episode. No, but I

Brandee   8:59  

mean, even in like two then future episodes like two or three later. Okay, so here's an action update from the episode a few back because then that's hard to like find so

Hannah  9:09  

yeah, no, but that's what I mean. If we wanted to include it on the episode itself. Oh, yeah, the one item and then this is how we put it into action in the past.

Brandee   9:24  

That will be the cleanest way to do it, or it probably would for the listener, but that planning and timing of that.

Hannah  9:30  

Yeah, it would be like the hardest way for us but the easiest for the listener. Or we did talk about doing like a mid season. Recap like episode looking at actions we mentioned. So yeah, I

Brandee   9:44  

agree. I was thinking Instagram are probably a better place to for that because apparently the one of the I don't know how to word that rule of thumb but I guess I guess that's what it's called. For like social media. podcasting is to have your social media be like separate from the podcast, instead of just here's the new episode, which is definitely what I did in the beginning, because social media is, is also a lot of work. But maybe treating that more as like a, because some of the body's changes are like to take time and their ongoing things, and there's ups and downs. And it's not like a one and done. Right. So that might be another way to do ongoing updates, or like bonus episodes when we feel like very Enough, enough updates to like talk about I don't know, in a podcast form.

Hannah  10:30  

Yeah, I mean, I think as well, like, it's hard because either some, you know, some episodes are quite specific. So it's not always, like, transferable to every situation. Or I feel like a lot of the time we talk about things we already do, or have done in the past. Yeah.

Brandee   10:51  

And could then you know,

Hannah  10:53  

yeah, for sure. For sure, you can always do better,

Brandee   10:58  

I should just add something on Instagram that I didn't want to bring up in this episode, from the Instagram account, Future Earth, go follow them and then follow us. posted a graphic quoting someone in Julia Marsh, we exist in an ecosystem of imperfect solutions with imperfect humans all progressing towards the imperfect, but better future we deserve? Yeah, yeah, I don't think we ever reach perfect. It's just less imperfect than the day before week before, whatever.

Hannah  11:28  

You know, and also, like, so much of this. You know, this is where I always get concerned a little bit with our podcasts, because sometimes I think you can get like a bit, or just environmental stuff in general, but like, it can get a bit wishy washy, you know, like it's all about. Okay, so as in, I might explain this well, but as in like, it can be sort of like, well, you know, we could do this or there's but like, it depends, you know, like, everything else you've got going on in your life. And like, how do you find the balance? And like, I mean, that kind of is the point of our podcast? And we've had this conversation before I'm like, but is that enough? And you know, you're always like, about, it's, that's a personal thing, like, you know, you can see where's Enough is enough? And where was I going with this point? Didn't? Oh, I was gonna say like, Yeah, but a lot of the changes can be quite like, or commitments can often be quite like cyclical, it doesn't necessarily mean for life. It's like in your situation, your circumstances right now. Like, what is the best thing that you can be doing? And then and then that was when I started doubting myself. I was like, is that just a really wishy washy response? I mean,

Brandee   12:50  

it's more realistic, because you can't just go tell everyone to stop eating meat, stop flying, stop doing all of these things, or start donating all of your money to this charity and go go protest every weekend. Like you can't just do blanket statements for everyone, because it doesn't apply to everyone. No, no, it's definitely easier to just say,

Hannah  13:11  

when would you? Would you let yourself off the hook? I mean, I mean, you can't say that to other people. Yeah, but you can say that to yourself. get burnt out pretty quick. But

Brandee   13:27  

certain things like stop eating meat, that was an easy thing for me. So yeah, it's not like I want to stop eating meat. But then I feel guilty and beat myself up because I want it once or twice or twice a week, I've gotten to a point where I just, it's just not an option food wise. Like I don't see it as food. I think we've talked about that in our food episode. So that was a fun one. Anytime we talk about food.

Hannah  13:53  

Yeah. So no.

Brandee   13:55  

So yeah, that's the reality of it is individual and I don't. So the quote I just read was from, it was like a carousel post. So that was picture two up to that Instagram post. The first one was, it's easy to stay motivated, knowing our success means a better cleaner, more equitable future for people on the planet. Which for me, it's not always easy to stay motivated, because it does, if you do get bogged down in, you know, dark gray spiraling and no, not always easy, but so I think maybe it's instead of coming up with rules and things to do more of or less of, it's trying to come up with ways to focus more on like the big picture. The why. Yeah. Which is this post better, cleaner, more equitable future for people on the planet, like, Yeah, that's great. I want that. So okay, how can I contribute to that? How can I work towards that today? Yeah, and maybe it looks different than yesterday, tomorrow? Yeah.

Hannah  14:54  

I'm just like listening. There's a part of me outside of this conversation. kind of listening to us. And I feel like you know, that's kind of what we wanted to get to at the point when we made this podcast, because this conversation that you're hearing is an all the conversations, you've heard of conversations that we would just have anyway. Yeah. You know, I was wanting to ask, do you feel like, is there anything about the conversations that we've had on the podcast? Or like putting it into that format that has like shifted a perspective for you? Or made anything clear? Or do you feel? Well, I don't know do like do? I know.

Brandee   15:39  

That's a good question. I feel like maybe I need a bit more time away from it to like, get that perspective. From like, reflection, I often need like to step away from something. I think I did jot something down in the notes. What did I say? Oh, about what one of the things that we've learned. Just below guests are hard when you're trying to coordinate three people's schedules. So Oh, yeah, that's why the one guests we had, it was just, it was just me. That will, we'll think of something to be able to write Oh, it's too easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to wanting to live more sustainably, the importance, layoffs, have learned the importance of taking a step back and doing your best focusing on what you can do recognizing you won't ever be able to do all the things, but you can still do lots of things. Yeah, it's I think it all comes down to perspective and focus, and then that will apply to everything instead of getting too bogged down in the details and the small things actions you should or shouldn't be doing. Yeah. So yeah, I think you asked me again, for Episode One or season two.

Hannah  16:38  

All right, let's do it. What about you? Yeah, great question. It is? I don't know, has it helped? I like, I mean, I know, it's kind of like a, well, it's not forced, but like having the element in the beginning, where we always try and like talk about a project was going on, I find like researching those and also like hearing about different ones, I find that quite cool. And I think that's why we wanted an element like that in the podcast, because at the end of the day, so many people are already taking actions. You know, there's so many people all over the world being part of various movements about various issues, that are having an impact in their communities and in the world in general. And I think, you know, like, we were just talking about those, like, abrupt, small actions, those contributions, like add up to a big picture. And I don't know, but you know, just through this, the season, we've just we've talked about a 14 different projects that I mean, are impacting, you know, a much wider range of people and you know, we just like give a very, it's not like we know, often we don't know a lot about these projects, but you know, just even like having a surface view and then when you're researching just to find one, you're often there are lots of different things you can choose from. So I think that's cool. Like having that note of positivity. Yeah, there has been a fun part. It's like our own little something hopeful

Brandee   18:12  

before we write. Let's start off the episode. Shout out to Jenny from digital nomad girls, that was her idea. When I was on the podcast. She said, Yeah, you should like have a T and then feature like a local Yeah, cool thing going on from wherever that T is from.

Hannah  18:28  

I think that meeting. No, no, no,

Brandee   18:31  

I was the I think the beginning I tried. I like the idea of trying to find a project that was related to the topic. But that's too complicated. Yeah, here's something cool happening in this part of the world. Go look at a support and if you want

Hannah  18:42  

Yeah, I know. I was gonna say I know. Even though the format wasn't decided, I know we definitely when we talked, you know, initial conversations, we really wanted to include an element that was hopeful because of a lot of these conversations can get pretty bogged down or in the quagmire of do me in the in the quagmire of doom. And I think that's what we felt a bit sometimes when we're having these conversations before having the podcast. But, you know, hope is such an essential part of making a change, you know, and not not just, like hope with action, you know, yeah,

Brandee   19:22  

it does. I was gonna say that, like, two elements tied in with the small action things that your listeners can do.

Hannah  19:29  

Yeah, because if we don't, I mean, we only do I mean, if we had no hope, then what I mean, we wouldn't be doing this and we wouldn't be doing this you know, I mean, if you've got no hope and you think everything's gonna there's no way around. I mean, well, let's all just like fuck off and usable the fossil fuels. We can have an a good time. Yeah. So well burn. I mean, you know, sometimes I get to that place, but most most of the time I will stop. Yeah, I'm hopeful. But I still have some hope. Anyway. So yeah, I'm glad we did that.

Brandee   20:10  

Yeah, me too. Sure. I think yeah, moving forward, definitely keep that. Keep that element I think I'd like to keep the team's probably wondering what upcycling through them. There's so many projects Yeah. About so maybe it'll just be I'm having a tea. What tea are you having? Yeah, you don't often drink tea. So maybe we'll have to get a bit better getting into,

Hannah  20:30  

like, actually have the tea. Just

Brandee   20:33  

have tea time, while we just talk about a project. We could like,

Hannah  20:36  

you know, make it like a British tea time, which can include, you know, which could be a dinner or a lunch, depending on food relate so much. Do you have breakfast, lunch and tea? breakfast, dinner, tea? breakfast, tea dinner? Meal dimes in the UK, depending on where you are in the country? What do you call them? Yeah, I think one thing you do, which we would like to do more, which you just touched on Super briefly is we really wanted to include more conversations with other people. Yeah, in the podcast. And that's just, yeah, quite difficult to coordinate, you know, in between, as we all we know, a couple of other people, just friends that we'd like to get on and who are interested in coming on and talking about something, but just scheduling.

Brandee   21:26  

I had an idea for that just before we started, and I don't haven't thought it through, like whether it would make sense or worship it. Yeah. Have, you know, like, if it's someone that you know, you have a conversation, record. And then I can do listen to it, and then do like a voice over of like my thoughts on it. And then put that into the episode. So it's not the three of us together in the episode, like having the same conversation, but I'm listening to your conversation. And then I can talk to one of my friends. Whoever, I had the idea of like bringing in people also that like once we cycled through our environmentally conscious friends of like, seeking out like, people. Yeah, that was guests. No, I agree. It would be cool to have the other person not in the conversation to like, kind of record a five or 10 minute like, this is what I thought and like, I really liked when they said this, or yeah, maybe another way you can take it a step further, maybe do this, etc. Yeah,

Hannah  22:23  

you know, what would be really cool? And it's definitely not logic logistically possible. What, but if we made it like a section, you could have like a five minute conversations with friends. So not even having like a whole episode around it, but like, as a part of the podcast of like, I don't know, I mean session with friends, like bit, you know, at the end, or like, in the middle or just like, like extra subsection definitely not logistically possible. Or without a lot of planning that it would probably wouldn't be worth it. But like, a little soundbite? No, we go to? Well, that's kind of why stations tea time with friends.

Brandee   23:07  

kind of idea. Like the voice notes, which I haven't done a great job, right?

Hannah  23:12  

Yeah, no, we need to get people

Brandee   23:15  

Yeah, the tea on sustainable I believe. So you can send a voice note. And then you can scroll down and just send like an email if you don't want to send your voice. Reason we can talk about any episode. And then if you leave a voice and a voice message, we can put that clip in the episode, or be cool. We finish voice notes. Sign up for our email newsletter.

Hannah  23:39  

Oh, be cool. Yeah, please do that. If you're listening, let us know. See, I mean, we're just talking into the void.

Brandee   23:47  

Oh, we have some answers. I think oh, what are our latest stuff? I thought that would be a fun thing to do. In this episode, share stats considering there haven't done a great job of promoting it. I think it's pretty cool to see these numbers. All right. I wonder how many of them are me like testing that things have worked. That's true. So let me pull up Lipson. Now that's where we're hosted. I think we're almost at like a, like, a milestone maybe by other people's standards, but I was pretty excited about it. Of course, since we're on Zoom, my computer's being super slow. So can I say something else while I log in and pull this up?

Hannah  24:28  

Yeah, isn't it I guess that's an interesting thing in general, though, about like, listening, like listen, like who? I think we've kind of purposefully not thought about it that much. I mean, we've kept track of statistics, but we haven't been like, who's listening you know, I mean, we know from people like you know, friends who've told us like, oh, you know, listen to this episode, and you know, some listen every week and some you know, like dip in and out as they have time. Because you know, it is a lot of work. And again, especially from Brandy He does most of the heavy lifting. So, you know, it's that thing, does it matter? Does it matter if people are listening? I mean, obviously, we're hopefully not producing this just to speak to ourselves. But also with the very realistic thing that if we, you know, there are a lot of things that people can spend their time doing. And it's a lot of work to even get that a product in front of people's eyes, who aren't your you know, personal contacts. Something you care about brand new, like, how do you feel about it?

Brandee   25:33  

I haven't really up to this point. I think I like the idea of, I think I want to care a bit more in the future, but not with like, any goal to like, I don't know, become like a luminary exclusive or, you know, be at the level of how to save how to what is it? How to save a planet, I think at Spotify school, so now. Yeah, but I like the idea of growing it a bit. Like I think, as far as like downloads, which are all time downloads, we're at 830 for all time downloads. So

Hannah  26:03  

that's pretty cool.

Brandee   26:04  

I think maybe we should do a bonus episode where whenever we hit 1000 Oh, we have a 10 minute warning. Okay. So yeah, 834 all time downloads, the app should have more pared most what is our most popular episode to date? I think see total downloads the the fair trade one has been pretty popular.

Hannah  26:28  

Okay. All right.

Brandee   26:31  

Think are premark one as well. I think that's one that other people have found by searching. Okay. Our first Oh, yeah, this is quite common, like your first like few episodes to be the most popular because it's like when you launch and it's all exciting. And our friends on the podcast, let me check it out. But, you know, like gets in the way. So yeah, I guess it is our most popular one, episode number one, which is quite common.

Hannah  26:52  

Right. And then I guess if people like find it through a different episode, and then like, that might go back to our first episode. Yeah, like listen. Yeah, true. Interesting. Let's see, I think one of the fair trade. I feel like both of those. Well, especially the fair trade one, I don't know if I felt very, like I didn't feel very knowledgeable about fair trade stuff.

Brandee   27:17  

Well, that was like a learn with us. Because we I think, yeah, it's one of the things I think I would like to I think there's a benchmark that like, for average, your average number of downloads after 30 or 90 days is 150 per episode, then you're, that's like, average, or better than I forget, like, with, like, just the average stats or better than 50% of other podcasts. I forget what it is. But that's like a general kind of benchmark. I think we're like a third of the way there if that. So you can get caught up in the numbers. And it's just our

Hannah  27:55  

I think that's been nice that we haven't been concentrating on that much. I mean, like you say, maybe that's something you know, as we've kind of got to grips with the format and what what it feels like, you know, just even being like, comfortable recording, like, we had to record our first episode twice, because we were just like, you know, what's happening? Oh, and talking in which, you know, I would like to rerecord is you know, that like, opening intro that we have before episodes? Yeah, because I hit that now. And I'm like, wow, I just, I think both of us but yeah, we just sound so like stilted and like,

Brandee   28:30  

but that was when we run the mic is that you're right. Because we were like, you're like what kind of push the other out of the way to get in front of the line? I think well, yeah, we'll definitely rerecord that for season two, the intro the outro

Hannah  28:43  

right now we're a bit more comfortable with like, Yeah, whatever

Brandee   28:48  

I'm using because we can do it like sit across from the table and be a bit more natural. And then I lost the original working file where the audio file is on one like one row and then below it is the music I only have the combined one so I can't go back and like tweak just audio only. So yeah, I'd like to re record those for season two and maybe it's not like ads but like cut in like with both of us saying like, Oh, whatever we want the call to action if that episode like oh, don't forget to check out the show notes or Instagram or this and it was at the end but things to kind of reflect on over the summer is Yeah, format the I think I like I want to keep our music but yeah, the intro outro musics good. And then yeah how we want to go about guests are definitely want to have more conversations with more people in season two. Yeah. So whether so I suggested works or we come up with another way we come up with another way. That would be really cool. And then we can even get people on might have to like increase our numbers a bit. This is where numbers do matter a bit getting guests on who are like doing something really cool. Like maybe they've started their own kind of organization. or they're doing something in the game, right? Like we these people are these projects that we talk about, and we call to talk about someone who's involved. Yeah. In some sort of project, right? Yeah, yeah. All right. So yeah. And if you listen or have any thoughts of what you want to hear more of from our podcast, whether it's topics, format, any, any feedback, any insights, we'll take it. Go to the T on sustainable

Hannah  30:31  

Yeah. Yeah. We'd love to hear what you have to say. And I just want to be your guest. Yeah, please, please come on and talk to us. Yeah,

Brandee   30:40  

I think well, once that promoting this episode is done on on Instagram. I want to focus more on both of us just like sharing kind of our day to day maybe in stories like, yeah, look, I made ginger tea with ginger root. And using a metal straw. I don't know. Yeah, mol things like that. But mixed in with. Can we make reels? I never made one but what can we I'm not doing any

Hannah  31:06  

dancing. No, I'm not dancing. I'll dance. I'll dance. You dance at all? Yeah,

Brandee   31:11  

I'll do ones that don't have my favorite. Alright, give a shudders. Thank you so much should have started the episode with us. Thank you so much. If you've whether it's your first episode, or you've listened to every single episode, and I'm Ben, Ben along with us for every episode, we appreciate you. Yes. Thank you very much for listening to us, and for getting us near 1000 On time downloads, which is pretty, pretty exciting. Given that. Yeah, we haven't done much promoting.

Hannah  31:42  

All right. 

Brandee   31:43  

Thank you Give-a-Shitters. We will tea you in season two. Thank you so much for listening to this episode of The Tea on Sustainable LivingPpodcast.

Hannah  31:54  

If you made it to the end, we can only assume that you've enjoyed this episode. 

Brandee   31:58  

Please consider sharing this with a friend or family member who could use some support on their sustainability journey.

Hannah  32:04  

And find us on Instagram @theteaonsustainableliving and let us know what you liked about the episode.

Brandee   32:09  

Alright, Give-a-Shitters, tea you later. Get it? Tea you later? As in, see you later? So punny...

Hannah  32:12  


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