The Tea on Sustainable Living

#11 | Moving (house) and living with roommates

May 03, 2022 Brandee and Hannah
The Tea on Sustainable Living
#11 | Moving (house) and living with roommates
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All right, Give-a-Sh*tters, Hannah is back, and today we are spilling the tea on moving (house) and living with roommates.

We get it; it can be very tempting to simply leave all of your old crap behind (or throw it away) and buy all new stuff in your new apartment/flat/whatever you call it. But that’s probably not the most environmentally friendly way to move.

In today’s episode, we struggle (slightly) to get back into the groove of podcasting after Hannah’s brief hiatus. We chat about Hannah’s recent move (the reason for her hiatus), how there’s no one right way to move or furnish your home, and living sustainably with roommates.

So grab some tea, get comfy, and hit that play button. (And please ignore the sounds of Brandee's cat playing in the background.)

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-Brandee and Hannah

Note: This transcript is mostly unedited.

Brandee   0:04  

Hello and welcome to The tea on Sustainable Living Podcast, where your hosts, Hannah and Brandee, try to help each other navigate the big messy gray area of giving a shit about the planet and hopefully helping you along the way.

Hannah  0:16  

Each episode we have honest chats about our sustainability fails, sometimes amongst ourselves and sometimes with guests, while also leaving you with a little sprinkle of hope and inspiration to keep on giving a shit.

Brandee   0:28  

So go make yourself a cup of tea, get comfy, and let's dive into the episode.

Hannah  0:33  

Hello, Give-a-Shitters. This is Hannah, and this is Brandee, and you're listening to episode number 11 of The Tea on Sustainable Living Podcast.

Brandee   0:42  

Yes, welcome back, Hanna. 

Hannah  0:43  

I know. It's been a while.

Brandee   0:45  

 Two whole episodes without you.

Hannah  0:48  

I know, very tragic? I'm sure that was very unfortunate for our listeners.

Brandee   0:55  

Yes, speaking listeners, Hannah just mentioned to me admitted to me that she has not listened to those episodes. So we're gonna have to do something about that. Make you listen.

Hannah  1:07  

Yeah, I mean, this won't be arriving to you on this day. But so this actually, this comment is gonna make no point I was gonna be like, well, today is a world Earth Day. Oh, yeah. But it will be one but it wouldn't be Yeah, I was like, well as day but this is like, you know, I'm gonna be coming out in like two weeks time. So I think

Brandee   1:27  

I heard somewhere that it's like, Earth Month. Now. Like, is it all of April's Earth Month? So I asked, I forget the release date for this. So it might come out at the tail end or just after?

Hannah  1:39  

Yeah, I mean, whatever you're doing whatever the day, drop everything and go and listen to Brandy is episodes without me. But no, I'm excited. I was just confessing to brand new that I also still haven't listened to them. But I'm excited. I'm excited to be able to listen to two podcast episodes that I have, like no idea what's going on. So it will happen.

Brandee   2:10  

Oh, I was gonna say something the thought has escaped me. I'm having a stroke, brain struggle day. I can't like think properly. Okay, any reason why I just it's a rainy day, which might be able to hear coming through trying slightly different audio or mic position setup. And it's still a bit echoey in here, but it might go to the rain and it's just just don't really feel like doing anything that has nothing to do. And then I had a Spanish class. It was my least favorite activity of just make up a story about these pictures. Oh, wow. No, I don't care about people with these pictures.

Hannah  2:53  

I love like activities like that. Just like

Brandee   2:58  

so. Not by myself if someone else has someone else to go off of but like, it's like too many options. Like I need something to go off of another person or like a little blurb. And then I can go off of that.

Hannah  3:09  

Okay, interesting. Just think different creative methods. Anyway, there we go. Anyway. I was gonna say we obviously need to get a rhythm back without a month without recording. So I was gonna say my, the reason that I haven't been honest because I've been moving flat, which is always quite stressful, especially as I was living in my old flat for several years, so I had quite a lot of stuff. And hunting for flats in Madrid is a bit of a nightmare. But I'm now finally moved and settled in and that is going to provide us for inspiration for today's podcast episode.

Brandee   3:57  

Yeah, today we're spilling the tea on moving moving. Moving flat listener and trans translations British English for just moving in America. We just said we're moving. Oh, where are you moving? Yeah. Oh, to an apartment to a house to house. But you're moving flat moving house seems to be a thing.

Hannah  4:14  

Yeah, I guess. Maybe. Okay, interesting. Yeah, I'd

Brandee   4:20  

never heard it before until I made friends with British people. It was always just moving. Like it's implied that you're I don't know.

Hannah  4:29  

I mean, I think we would say that as well. Like, oh, I'm moving. I mean, we do like I feel like British English. We did like to add like slightly more words. I don't know. Anyway,

Brandee   4:43  

anyway, spelling and life changes and changes. My cat was fast asleep and is now playing quite noisily. So apologies if you can hear him. He does not. does not respond when I say Be quiet.

Hannah  5:01  

I've just moved in with a cat. So I'm learning that cats really don't respond to anything. At the moment she's she's quite like a she's got really long claws at the moment because her nail clippers will last for a while. And she's really enjoying just like clawing her way up the sofas which are not landlords, just you know if there's any landlords listening, freaking out about cat owners, so she just likes kind of like hanging off the side of the sofa. And I'm like, you know, I'm trying really hard to be like to get you know, get off. What's her name? Toki. Yeah. Which apparently means explorer, in some language, according to her mother. But yeah, I'm learning that cats don't listen to anyone.

Brandee   5:51  

No, they just do what they want. Yeah. So what's our feature tea for today? I was gonna make tea because I know I'm usually the one that holds down the tea drinking for it, but I completely forgot. Yeah, I

Hannah  6:04  

am drinking not tea. I'm drinking a hot chocolate. It's like was branding already said it's a really like rainy horrible day here. And I was like it today is a hot chocolate day. So hot chocolate. Yeah.

Brandee   6:19  

Yeah, I don't have any plant milk. But

Hannah  6:23  

yeah, well, I'm drinking hot chocolate. But I was gonna talk about nettle tea. Which is kind of random. I've never tried it. So this is like completely off piste. But I was I've now moved into a flat with like a big ratha like patio. And we were cleaning out the flower beds. And then got stung my nettle. And I was like, Oh, I've never really seen that all around here. But I was thinking I know that now those although most of the time, they're just kind of treated as weeds that they can be used for like, you know to drink. nettle tea, I think they can use as fertilizers you make some sort of fertilizing mix with them. So yeah, that was kind of a bit bit random. But apparently, have you ever tried ninja TV? I

Brandee   7:12  

haven't tried it. But I I've heard of it. Because I feel like I I've heard about some health benefit. Or benefits? I can't remember. Right. Oh, look it up. Flowing the shownotes for find something. But yeah, there's a health benefit for every type of tea. So I feel like that's where I heard it before. But no, never never tried it.

Hannah  7:32  

I mean, yeah. I mean, fundamentally, like most foods have a health benefit. I mean, they're keeping us alive. Yeah. So, I mean, pretty much everything you eat has some kind of benefit. I would say. I'm just going out

Brandee   7:46  

on a limb. Yeah, that is true. Health Benefits of nettle tea. Oh, good for pain, sore muscles and arthritis. But that's how it's historically been used.

Hannah  7:57  

Interesting. Interesting. Yeah. And so it's on it found in Europe, North America and Asia originally. So I decided to look up a project in the UK. So a nice easy one to basically I think, and also I do think the rain like it just looks like England today. So I'm like, feeling my roots. So yeah, anyway, I was looking at the Eden Project, which is in Cornwall. It's a pretty famous like ego project that has like quite a big like educational purpose. It has a big Visitor Center. And it's based in Cornwall, have you heard of it at all? No. Tell me why. Yeah, I guess in the UK, it's like pretty well known. So it's been ongoing for about 20 years. So it's like they took like a derelict clay pit and decided that they wanted to, to kind of like re chief Binet word, yeah, the soil and to grow lots of different types of plants, and to see what could be done with that kind of space. So it's now like, I mean, the pictures of it, I've never been but it looks super beautiful. It's like, full of like a whole range of different plants. And then their mission statement is just going to read this direct from their website. Our global mission is to create a movement that builds relationships between people and the natural world, to demonstrate the power of working together for the benefit of all living beings. So it's very much about you know, like the relationship between, you know, people in the natural world and that we are part of the, I mean, we are the natural that when we quit, we care for the earth. We can like rejuvenate land, we can kind of regain Some of what's been lost and that will benefit everyone. And yeah, that you have like a big Visitor Center, you could do courses there. Yeah, pretty cool project.

Brandee   10:12  

I would say. That does sound really cool. And I've definitely heard good things about Cornwall and have seen beautiful pictures. And I mean,

Hannah  10:21  

Cornwall is just beautiful in general. It's like really dramatic coastline. Lots of cliffs and like, huge waves and I don't know, not very good for public transport, though. It's a bit of a bitch to get to. Or get around unless you have a car. Which I guess is one of those unfortunate things about a lot of rural areas. Like, not necessarily Easily. Easily connectable. Easily, not,

Brandee   10:52  

not, not

Hannah  10:54  

as accessible. Yeah, exactly. Okay. That's better.

Brandee   10:59  

Yeah, I'll look that up. And, um, put a link to in the show notes. And yeah, maybe one yoga?

Hannah  11:04  

Yeah. Um, all right. Let's spill the tea.

Brandee   11:10  

All right. So how are you feeling about your move? Have you mean, had anything come up?

Hannah  11:18  

I feel pretty good. But I think it's, I mean, I'm very happy to move. And I think there's definitely good things like the place I'm in is bigger, we have an outside, outside space, I'm like, developing my green finger, I'm already growing some tomato seedlings. Like, every time I'm like, at lunch, I'm working from home at the moment. So on my lunch break, I'm like, I'm gonna go and plan things. So that's really exciting. That's a good thing. But I think there's definitely an element in moving, at least for me, because I'm not a very organized person. Where it's very easy just to chuck a lot of things out and kind of a panic, it hasn't been too bad this time, just because I had quite a lot of help moving so I could bring most of my stuff. I know, when I've moved before I remember one, particularly Kaden, whereas moving on, I was still had my room mostly, like, there was a lot of stuff still in there. And I was supposed to catch a flight, like maybe 2:30pm. And I just ended up like, just literally dumping, like perfectly good stuff in the bin. Because I was like, I do not have time, I do not have time. So like that goes I shoes and like that dress and like, you know, really not a great way to go on. And then there's the other side of it. I think when it's easy when you move, you know, obviously, you often need new things or things that you had in your old place you either can't take or they don't fit into the new space. So I think there is like, a bit of a tendency to just have to buy a lot of things new. Or, I mean, you can, we've actually found a decent amount of stuff like, um, you know, like secondhand, which has been great. But for example, I know, I'm like, I've got like a load of, I really need some shelves, and like a desk that fits in the right space. And I'm just kind of at the point where I'm like, I think I might just have to, you know, go and buy that new. And of course, you can buy something new that is sustainably made. But with the budget I have right now, I think it's gonna be a bit of an Ikea job. So and that's another element moving is expensive. So the budget that you might have is like, Well, for me, anyway, is squished. So that's my tea. Let's have tea. Yeah. Are you? What do you relate to any of that? Your moves?

Brandee   13:53  

I do? Yeah. I'm just thinking that yeah, moving is you have to use a lot. It's time and money. And those are both stressful things. So it's just kind of navigating. What do you want to use more of? I know my, my travels in the past my moves. I'm very good at like, a, like, my store, I guess minimizing my stuff. And I've moved in the past with very little and then I just feel the space I'm in. And I think that's a very common thing. Right? I'm remembering now the minimalist first documentary, which was called minimalism, and they talk about the interview this architecture and he talks about how it is stop it. It's all over the apartment. Yeah, they were talking about this architect was talking about how people buy a house and then they they kind of shaped their life around it instead of building a house that like fits their life. So you buy a house that you think you need all of these two living rooms and Isn't that and then you fill it with stuff? Because yeah, will tend to fill the space they're in. It's completely natural. And I've done that in the past and have felt bad about it because then I'll find myself in a situation where I'm okay not like when I moved to Spain or like Okay, moving here in two suitcases when I had lived in a one bedroom before. And now yeah, I've like, have a lot of crap now. Like, I couldn't just hop on a plane to check bags and start over somewhere. But I think that's a way to a degree, I think it's okay to I was talking to someone about this the other day about how someone who had gone from being like a digital nomad to like now having like roots having a home, or now having furniture and plants, and you know, I think she was feeling a bit bad about, on one hand feeling bad about the amount of stuff she had now, she couldn't just get up and go, but I think it's okay to, to lean into where you're at the season you're at in your life. And

Hannah  16:00  

yeah, I mean, fundamentally, there isn't something wrong with having stuff. No, you know, I mean, I think there's an element where if you're a minimalist that does make maybe making environmentally friendly choices easier, because you have less stuff. So I guess the theory is that you can spend more on the stuff that you do have an order, and well, unfortunately, whatever, you know, a lot of Eco, eco friendly products are more expensive. But at the end of the day, I don't necessarily, like prescribe to the idea that having stuff is bad, and like filling the space you're in is is bad, you know, or like an environmentally friendly choice.

Brandee   16:54  

I mean, the question is, is that stuff the amount of stuff bad for you?

Hannah  16:58  

Right, exactly. It's like the individual preference. Some people like to have a lot of stuff and some people would rather not. But I don't think either of those, I think those are just more like personal aesthetic or individual preferences for I mean, feat individual, I don't think it necessarily has anything to do with your ability to be sustainable.

Brandee   17:27  

Would you would you agree?

Hannah  17:28  

I'm like, the only thing I said that and then the thing that popped into my head was like, oh, but with like clothes, the more clothes you have, the less you're likely to use them. And obviously, there's an element of like, use with getting the most use out of your products. And that's like a good option for you know, making something more sustainable. But I don't know. For

Brandee   17:49  

me, it comes back to use and intention and you know, if you're moving from a say, a studio or one bedroom and you're getting a couch just because you have a living room or because no like you want a couch, that's why you're moving to have more space to have separation. Instead of like also in that documentary, minimalism. He the one guy talks about going to IKEA and like, Okay, well, what else? What else do I need to get? But like not not what do I need to get as in what do I what do I personally need? But what do I think I need because now I'm moving into this bigger space? And oh, sure. I need to I need a runner and a lamp and but not stopping to think do I actually need it? It's like feeling that need that pressure that external, like need and pressure instead of stopping to think okay, well, what? What do I actually need? What will I get us out of?

Hannah  18:35  

Yeah. Yeah,

Brandee   18:40  

that's it. I mean, yeah. I mean, yeah, we're talking very like kind of general stuff. But I think as far as, I mean, I can include resources in the show notes of specific ways to make a move more environmentally friendly. Ask friends Vallely about, you know, they have boxes that, you know, when you become an adult, you start saving boxes, because it's a good box and you might Yeah, there are some people with some unused boxes that you can use to move wrapping breakable things in your clothes. Instead of getting paper or plastic, the plastic bubble wrap, stuff like that. I mean, there are small things like that you can do with materials.

Hannah  19:21  

I think there's some basics, which is just what which I was like, kind of what I was saying I'm not very good at I'm not very good at organizing my time and very much like a procrastinator. So I put off things so like a lot of my packing was just like oh crap, like someone's coming in like two hours. I'm just gonna like shove everything in a bag which you know, mostly worked but it's true that I think something's not a lot of stuff but something's have arrived here like a little bit like, you know, something's got a bit broken or it's like not as good condition. And that's obviously like another element like if you're, you know, more prepared, then you can take better care of your things and obviously And that's more of a like a sustainable way of doing things rather than like oh well it doesn't really matter I can just buy a new one it's like well how can I move this thing in a way that it's like less likely to get broken or damaged? Yeah, but I feel like that's probably not yeah stresses me out hearing Yeah, I know I was like looking I was like, I don't think this is a problem brand new have at all. Not at all. But you know,

Brandee   20:28  

you're my past moving experiences where I've always like, I'm moving within the same city like overlapped rent by one or even two months so that I could start with moving over the least views things and then slowly building up to that okay, that like packing that last week just packing it back for that last like couple days and trying to move like, like to do it in part starting with the stuff that I won't need. Like most urgently, and then moving day is really just like stuffed food in the fridge and a small bag of clothes, toiletries,

Hannah  21:01  

listeners tell us who you are more like you were like a brand knee or a Hannah in this situation? Because I feel like you're saying two very different personalities and action right now.

Brandee   21:14  

Which reminds me I have set up a voice message page on our website at on sustainable And it's embedded in the page there's a form at the bottom that will just send us an email if you want to chat. But you can just send us a voice message started because during the interview with Kelly which you'll know once you go back listen to it she is she always sends me voice notes on WhatsApp about latest episode and her thoughts on it and why should include everyone in this all four of our listeners to know more than that no nominee so can leave a comment about past episode question. Guessing idea for future episodes just just anything just a way to have a bit more interaction. can listen to it and include it in a future episode.

Hannah  22:07  

We could do a FAQ

Brandee   22:12  

Yeah, yeah. With your listener

Hannah  22:14  

just like so. Yeah, listener question. That'd be fun. Yeah, send his voice notes. Do them see bonus the

Brandee   22:21  

voice notes if that makes me uncomfortable, you can still just do an email and yeah, give us give us your send us your questions. Thoughts on past episodes ideas for future episodes. Yeah, anything. Just to make it a bit more of a kind of a two way street. So we can hear more from you.

Hannah  22:41  

What I'm yeah, this is a different element of this topic, but I'm just looking at my notes. We're both renting What do you find? Or what do you think of the limitations of renting in relation to creating a more Eco Friendly House environment?

Brandee   23:06  

Well, from a financial standpoint, Team renting because people get into a wall they can you're throwing that money away it could be you know, putting on a mortgage payment, but there's just so much more financially that goes into that which I get into. But generally I'm Team renting I like that. I mean, I like that those decisions aren't mine if something breaks or needs replacing, it's not really on me things like furniture like I have gotten the IKEA route I have gone the secondhand route just depending on where I was at a time. But generally, I like it those big decisions aren't mine like the water heater were to go out I wouldn't have to go down the gray spiral of what's the best one to get what's the most eco friendly like it's not on me to figure that out. So like for me the idea of buying a house I watch a lot of like those home improvement renovation shows and I if I were to try to buy a house I would look for one that would need the least amount of changes because then it's you just get into the hole or I go down the whole rabbit hole gray spiral of what materials to use best way to go about it. And the the stress of having to my dad's having house built now and all of the decisions you have to make period like like removing the element of the environment sustainability, just all the decision period just sounds so exhausting. So I don't fault anyone who goes with the cheap easy choice. But right now,

Hannah  24:38  

do you think there's anything that you would do if you are a house owner that you don't do because your rent? Ding

Brandee   24:47  

I don't know. Like what have a garden?

Hannah  24:54  

Yeah, okay, yeah.

Brandee   24:55  

I'm gonna get an office space or the light to do that here.

Hannah  25:00  

Hmm. Like, for example, actually, that's a good one. So right now I have a patio. And I'm like putting most things in containers because that's like, the space I have is great. And I was like, oh, you know, it'd be really cool to like plant like a fruit tree or something like that. Or even like, like I was looking at like raspberry canes. And then it was like, Oh, actually, I don't think I will. Because obvious a tree is like a big, big project. And then like even fruit canes, it maybe takes a couple of years for them to to give fruit. And I was like, Well, I don't know if I'm going to be here in a few years time. So I'm not going to plan those things.

Brandee   25:38  

Well, I feel like you could use I've seen on like the Facebook groups, you can sell plants if you move people who jump on that. But what's preferred cane? Give me like a baby Bush fruit tree.

Hannah  25:49  

Yeah, I only called fruit canes. I don't know. I think maybe I just made this up. Like it like you know what you bought? Like you buy like a raspberry cane or not? I don't know. Maybe no, I'm googling fruit cane and something that is definitely not what I was thinking of come up. Like, I guess you can tell I'm mature. Amateur gardener? Fruit. Let me see. Raspberry cane. Okay. So okay, it's specific to raspberries. But this is what I was thinking of? How to identify dead raspberry canes. All right. Last thing,

Brandee   26:31  

it's knowing that when you buy something like that, if you know you're not going to be here in a few years time, like, will you like Are you prepared to then go through the effort of selling it?

Hannah  26:40  

Or just leaving it for the next person?

Brandee   26:42  

Yeah. That that to true.

Hannah  26:46  

I just combined them. Yeah.

Brandee   26:51  

Interesting. Would you do anything different?

Hannah  26:56  

I don't know. I think you know, maybe there's more. You know, I guess there's ways in which you make when you're renting, you kind of just make make do in a way that you might not if you are living somewhere like

Brandee   27:12  

which I think is generally more environmentally friendly making do.

Hannah  27:16  

There's that sale? It's true, actually.

Brandee   27:18  

What's that expression? Something something make it do or do without I forget? Do you know what I'm talking about?

Hannah  27:26  

No. What are you talking about?

Brandee   27:29  

I don't know, what am I? Oh, use it up, wear it out? Make it Do or do without? Okay. I don't know where that came from? But I've heard it before. Yeah, yeah. I mean, that's part of it just making do with what you have? Using up what you have? Yeah, like the expression to use it up?

Hannah  27:48  

Yeah, I guess there's like ways in which you might change a space to make it more like easily, like functional for the systems that you want to have in place, which could support somewhere being more environmentally friendly. So for example, where I am now I might like change slightly the kitchen, if I could, to, like make it easier to have access to the different bins, for example, for recycling. As buddies, it's fine. How it is it's true, like maybe doing that change to make it slightly more convenient, would be more, you know, would be less environmentally friendly, actually. Because of the materials or things I mean, things like you fundamentally can't change. Like, if a landlord, you know, you might if you own somewhere you might change your windows to be like, you know, when they called like double glazed windows windows? Yeah, that's, those are kind of bigger things, which obviously you just like have, I mean, obviously, as a renter, you could make the choice to only live somewhere that has that. I mean, for various reasons, also, because it's very cold if you don't have double glazed windows. But you know, obviously, it depends where you are, you know, in Madrid, there's still quite a few places that don't have that. Whereas I'd say in the UK, it's pretty common, most places you'd rent would have double glazed windows, whereas here like maybe not. And obviously that's a choice you can make if you're a homeowner to you know, put in more insulation to change the windows. I mean, obviously it's all cost money, but yeah,

Brandee   29:34  

I think I would focus on energy efficiency. If I owned a house, I don't know whether it's Windows heating cooling. I would focus on that over I think over design materials because the RnL My place is not very energy efficient, the electric heat radiator to try to use sparingly but yeah, the apartments not well insulated, so I can Only were so many layers.

Hannah  30:03  

And then if you moved again, would that be something you'd look for more?

Brandee   30:08  

Yeah, I think I would. Yeah, I think energy efficiency is more important to me then. Then like design. Oh, interesting type of flooring. Texture bills, too. So yeah. Be more environmentally friendly. And also, yeah, pay less on. On utilities?

Hannah  30:27  

Yeah, I mean, we all know it is interesting, because I was just saying, I mean, to be honest, when I've been looking when I was looking for flaps last month, it wasn't really something I thought about. I'm just like, do I like the space? Yes.

Brandee   30:43  

Yeah, I didn't think too much about it. When I moved in this space. In fact, I like I remember seeing that sheet of paper, when I signed this talk about the energy efficiency, and I think it had the letter F. Not great. Yeah, the location was really important to me at the time. And now I know it by all the people that are constantly in my neighborhood, because it's a busy neighborhood, which I like the access. So to the other people, that's why they're here, but I don't like them.

Hannah  31:10  

Yeah, it's just, it's nice.

Brandee   31:14  

Don't feel like I have more space to myself. Right. So I like that things are very close. Anyway, without this episode getting too long, I liked something you touched on in your notes about people you live with roommates, and you have different ideas about right sustainably or just how you do things in your apartment. I mean, you've lived with other people in the past, like, in general, is that something that has come up as an issue for you struggle with that? Have you tried to like make changes?

Hannah  31:44  

Yeah, I mean, it's an interesting, I feel like the basics, which for me, I guess would be like recycling. I feel like most people are pretty okay with that or expect that to happen. Although I have had like one roommate recently, who was like, oh, like, you know, can you make sure you take the recycling out? Because I like I don't really recycle very much. Like, Oh, interesting.

Brandee   32:09  

More tea for you. Yeah. Which I feel like I heard of someone talking about an article recently that, that the landfill might be best for plastic, or might be better than recycling, because it doesn't actually get recycled, and all the issues.

Hannah  32:25  


Brandee   32:27  

Maybe we'll all try to yeah, I'll try to find that. And maybe, yeah, we'll we'll circle back to that in another episode.

Hannah  32:31  

Yeah. Yeah, it's definitely a big one. And yeah, I mean, I guess there's those things, which it's like, you know, I definitely would say I recycle a lot. But it is true. For example, I mean, this is also me being slightly lazy. But, for example, organic recycling, like organic waste, which we can do here in Madrid. In my last place, I was like, really excited about it. And then I ended up not doing it, because I was just like, there wasn't very much space, it's the kind of thing that like, most people aren't really annoyed by like paper recycling, but like, food can get a bit smelly. I know for example, you keep it in your fridge, right? But like we're sharing a fridge, like there isn't, you know, space for that. This is also me like kind of making excuses. Like I could have just decided it was like a big priority for me. And I would like, make sure I'd take it out every couple of days. But I also know my personality. I mean, I'm the type of person who packs everything two hours before I'm leaving. House. That also means my personality is not someone who's going to be like, super, super on top of, you know, taking out the organic waste, which wouldn't matter if I lived on my own. Because it would be my choice. Whereas when I'm living with flatmates, I am more aware of it. Of course, you know, there's a certain standard.

Brandee   33:59  

I think when you live with people, you have to make some sacrifices like you can bring. It's not it's not your place, you have to take other people into account and compromise and kind of everyone on the same page, which is it's tricky, which was why I stopped having roommates and made that a priority. Right, because I've had some issues in the past, like with agreeing on like what setting to set the like the heating or cooling, right?

Hannah  34:23  

Yeah. Yeah, that's definitely a big one. I remember. Actually, I think we talked about this last summer. I remember I was like, kind of annoyed because my housemate at the time was like, putting the fan on all the time. Like, for me that felt like he was always having a fan on and I'm like, the kind of person who's like, okay, like, have to be really hot to like, put the fan on because I'm like, Oh, I'd rather like be hot and save the money and like the electricity. But of course that's like, exactly. And you're like, I was like I need to talk to Bradley, because I'm sure she's just gonna be like, Get over yourself. And I was like, Cool. We'll go wasn't good. I never brought it up because I was like, I think I'm being unreasonable here.

Brandee   35:04  

Like saying it's not like he's blasting central air conditioning, it was like his personal, like, just fan Writing Room.

Hannah  35:10  

And then I was like, alright, well can't beat them join them and had a great summer because I was like, Well, if he's got his fan on all the time, I'm gonna put my plan on all the time as well.

Brandee   35:21  

I don't want to pay for his electricity. Yeah.

Hannah  35:25  

Exactly. So, you know, those Yeah, those things can definitely been an issue. And, you know, as well, like, I think it's also maybe not so much that people aren't, you know, I've lived with quite decent, you know, I've not had a lot of roommate problems. And, you know, I think most young people to, you know, people are, I mean, most people in general, not just young people or people our age, but most people are, like, pretty aware of the environmental stuff. So I've never, you know, faced any sort of like, hostility. But there's things that I'm like, Oh, it would just be kind of more effort. Whereas I might do on my own, like, for example, trying to use more like, homemade cleaning products, for example. That would be something if I lived on my own, I think I definitely do. But I'm like, do I really want to, you know, bring that up with my housemates. And then like, I guess if I'm the one who's like suggesting it, I would need to be the person who's kind of like, on top of making it happen.

Brandee   36:31  

Turn to clean, just clean with what you're comfortable cleaning with?

Hannah  36:35  

Oh, that's an interesting one

Brandee   36:36  

I never really thought about, because I think that goes back to just touch on before like, just just kind of live your values, and people will naturally start to see it and ask your questions. And if you do that, and like that's kind of the only approach you can take living with people, friends, family, roommates, whoever is just do your thing. And if it's going to change something for someone you you live with, let them know without like, kind of putting it on them mandating them to do it to say, Hey, I'm going to start composting, but I'll keep it on. I don't know, keep there's like containers that like have no smell filter things you can keep it maybe in your room or no utility, I don't know, can come up with a way that you can do what you want to do without like, forcing it upon your roommates.

Hannah  37:22  

Yeah, no, that's a really good point. I hadn't really thought about it like that.

Brandee   37:26  

Like you can't like it wouldn't be fair for you to like, I don't want you to use cleaning products of chemicals. Right? You can just start cleaning with vinegar and water when it's your turn. And it doesn't have to like affect them at all. Like they don't really? Yeah, I don't know. Yeah, that's

Hannah  37:42  

a really good point. I don't know why I never like thought about that before. But it's true. Yeah, and then the other point of like, the something that's good about moving and having more space is like you say it's like easier. You know, I definitely have like a space now where I could put like, bigger recycling bins or like organic compost thing. Whereas in my old flat, it was pretty small. Like there really wasn't extra space for anything.

Brandee   38:11  

The compost, you could give something on the patio, so it's just outside. Exactly. Yeah. Not even affecting the house. Apartment.

Hannah  38:19  

Yeah. So yeah, that's a really good point. Just just do it myself.

Brandee   38:26  

Yeah, just do it. Just do you?

Hannah  38:29  

What about you when he I mean, when you were living with people? Or even actually, there's an interesting question, do you find for example, when your partner comes around, obviously, it's still very much your space, but like, does that affect you know? I'm like thinking of myself as well. I'm like, does this affect me? Maybe not. I guess like when someone's in your space, they normally come form. Yeah. So how you have things No,

Brandee   38:59  

despite my partner knowing where the recycling bin has fails to just probably listening because that's pretty much every episode so

Hannah  39:09  

you have to be careful branding

Brandee   39:12  

the recycling bins right there

Hannah  39:18  

yeah yeah, okay. So like maybe a little bit

Brandee   39:25  

yeah, but yeah, I think that's true ultimately I you conform when you're visit staying with someone that conform to their Yeah, but when you're living together both on a lease or multiple Ivana lease, then it's yeah, you got to compromise because it's not just you, which is why I've made it just me because I want to thanks. So there's one big action item for you if you're struggling with roommates

Hannah  39:51  

don't Yeah, I mean, with a caveat that that is, you know, can be difficult. Sometimes So that half, half jokingly, yeah. But it's true. Being aware of that. And you know, there are certain houses like you can look, you know, I've looked when I'm looking looking on my own, you know, you can definitely find houses that are like, wanting to try and be like eco friendly, or it's like a Vegetarian House or like, whatever. I mean, common, but

Brandee   40:20  

prioritizing what's important to you, if if living alone is a priority, then you make it work if living somewhere in a neighborhood that does organic compost, like citywide collection, if it's car sharing, not like having an eat in the kitchen. You know, you prioritize the thing, its energy efficiency, if it's,

Hannah  40:41  

yeah, right. And I mean, this is just in general as well, like I was thinking about, like, when you're buying things, you know, one way of doing it is to prioritize what you need right now. And then what stuff can you take a bit longer to find? You know, I think your flats like a perfect example, brand new, like I feel like you kind of have just been collecting items have been around for a while to like, get it how you want it to be, but it's like taken a while for it to be you know, whereas had like your flats had quite a few different variations, despite being a very small space.

Brandee   41:17  

Yeah, yeah. I started with what what it came with it came furnished, and I made that work. And then slowly over time was like, Okay, well, how do I want to make this space my own? What would make it? What would make something easier, more convenient, more comfortable? And over time? Yeah. My most recent collection is not a piece of furniture. It's these headphones that I got. Yeah, and you had another pair of them. Yeah. I got the second ones

Hannah  41:43  

that podcast manager. Yeah. Hit Brandee up if you want to have a podcast, mate.

Brandee   41:49  

Yeah, these fancy. I found them on. Vinton, similar to Poshmark thread up just a secondhand place. And they're like, really fancy. So I'm like, extra careful when I'm using them. So that I asked doesn't come. All cables are toys to him. So yeah, I'm like, very careful. Because even I got them secondhand. And like half price.

Hannah  42:13  

Still. Yeah.

Brandee   42:15  

Anyway. Final thoughts too.

Hannah  42:19  

We're getting like, Oh, really? I mean, just, you know, changes. I mean, yeah, they're gonna bring up a lot of stuff. I think there's both like good things and bad things. Right. You know, there's potential when you moving somewhere new. And then there's also like, crap.

Brandee   42:39  

Yeah, so I think you do what you can control what you can prioritize what's important to you. Look, second hand. Yeah, plan if you know. Yeah. Yeah, when it comes to who you're living with, and you're, you know, if you are trying to like live more environmentally friendly, or sustainably, then you can only do what you can do. Like, I'll never forget the one in college, I had five roommates. And we all took turns buying milk when I was drinking regular milk. And I started buying soy milk because that was first time I went down the vegan route. And the one remake cannot accept that I was no longer contributing to the cycle of milk purchasing because I was often doing my own thing. And it turned into like a whole heated things I don't under understand where this is coming from. I'm not drinking that anymore. So why would I buy it? That is

Hannah  43:35  

bizarre. So yeah, hopefully you definitely

Brandee   43:41  

live with like reasonable people. Yes. So hopefully, you listener live with reasonable people, reasonable people and can make the changes you want to make or if you're thinking about moving. Yeah, don't let it stress you out, overwhelm you too much. Do what you can pick your like priority and focus your energy on that and try not to stress too much about the rest. Yeah, and ask around for boxes because your friends have boxes.

Hannah  44:07  

And people want to give them away especially and also bags. So many people were like, Oh, do you want some of these like plastic medicine like I already I already have that bag of plastic bags. Like don't worry, I don't need yours as well.

Brandee   44:19  

There's a meme about about the like I am 30 af account I think it was about being an adult means having this that another thing a bag. More plastic bags and

Hannah  44:32  

yeah. All right.

Brandee   44:35  

I listened and thank you so much for listening. Check out our new voice message page, the T on sustainable Put it in the show notes. And yeah, let us know if you've had similar struggles moving coming up on moving that was specific question. Yeah, feature your upcoming episode Kelly and I are listening. Send us a voice message. We'll include it in an upcoming episode. All right, bye. 

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